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ISMS Congress 2021

Collection of reference pathogen strains now available.

The global mushroom industry is in need for effective diagnostic methods. These methods will help growers to take the right prevention measures and allow researchers to recognise new pathogens at an early stage. Effective diagnostic methods can only be developed if researchers have enough isolates of the pathogen at their disposal and if they are able to exchange methods. At the workshop of the Global Mushroom Disease Diagnostic Initiative, held in 2008 just before the ISMS conference in Cape Town, it was decided to build a collection of reference pathogen strains for the white button mushroom diseases present worldwide.

This collection can play a vital role in the development of diagnostic methods. In this project, researchers from South Africa (University of Pretoria), Ireland (Teagasc), New Zealand (CFR), US (Penn State University), Australia (University of Sydney) and the Netherlands (Wageningen University) combined relevant isolates into a fungal collection. Duplicates of this collection are located in Pretoria and Wageningen. This collection contains isolates of fungal diseases collected from the main button mushroom producing countries (worldwide) en is accessible to scientific researchers that aim to develop diagnostic methods.

People who would like to obtain strains from this collection can request strains at:

Prof L Korsten Dept Microbiology and Plant Pathology
Room 2-17, Agricultural Building
Tel: +27 12 420 3295
Fax: +27 12 420 4588

Strains will only be handed out under the terms of a material transfer agreement. A minimal handling fee of Rand 100 (≈ $ 10,- / ≈€ 8,-) per culture is payable to the organization that will provide you with the isolate. Some strains in this collection originate from culture collections such as CBS or ATCC. People who are interested in obtaining these strains should contact these culture collections directly.