Volume 6 Part 1 Article 39: Mushroom Growing and Mushroom Research in Taiwan

Volume 6 Part 1 Article 39
Year 1967
Title: Mushroom Growing and Mushroom Research in Taiwan
Author: Chi-lin Luh


Mushrooms are considered by the Chinese as a delicacy. Prior to 1954 canned mushrooms were imported; they were expensive. In mainland China, systematic research on cultivation was not attempted until the 1920’s; research by the Taiwan Research Institute started in 1953.

It was previously thought that mushrooms could not be grown in subtropical Taiwan, because the major mushroom-producing countries m the world are located in the temperate zone. This has proved to be an error, but their culture in Taiwan still highly depends on natural climate conditions. As a consequence, the production fluctuates with the weather conditions.

Research activities are focussed on developing the cultural techniques. The main themes of the research program are (1) selection, (2) studies in vitality and degeneration, (3) composition of synthetic compost, (4) pest control, (5) improvement of mushroom houses, and (6) study of casing materials and spawning methods.

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