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Part 1

1981, Volume 11, Part 1AuthorArticle 
Place et Role des Champignons Cultivés Comme Source De Protéines Humaines en l'an 2000J.R. Delcaire11
Pilzanbau in Garten und Haus als HobbyH. Steineck219
The Philippine Experience in the Development of Tropical Edible Fungi IndustryR.V. Aliceusan327
Some Tropical Edible Mushrooms from IndiaN. Samajpati445
Prospects of Mushroom Culture in PakistanS.M. Khan and A.G. Kausar555
Mushroom Growing and Research in South AfricaA. Eicker and P. Muzzell659
Research and Experiments on Mushroom Growing in TaiwanC.H. Huang763
Common Edible Mushrooms of Jammu and KashmirT.N. Kaul879
Progress and Prospects of Paddy Straw Mushroom Cultivation in PakistanM.A. Ali and S.M. Khan983
Investigation on Edible Fungi in the North Eastern Hills of IndiaR.N. Verma and Th.G. Singh1089
Technique de Culture de la Fourmi Champignonniste: Comparaison Avec Celles Pratiquées Par L'hommeJ. Angeli-Papa and J. Delmas11101
The Use of Spent Mushroom Compost in Vegetable ProductionR.T. Male12111
The Nutritive Value of Some Nigerian Edible MushroomsS.K. Ogundana and Oba facade13123
Developing from Racks to Shelves - Its Problems and PossibilitiesP.J. Middlebrook14133
Farm Design, Machinery and Future TrendsR.A. Rucklidge15147
The Pleunis FarmA.M. van Eysinga16167
Mechanization Developments in Dutch Mushroom Culture (Bed System)E. van Dullemen17181
The Development of New Trays for Mushroom CultureI.J. Lelley18193
Barrel CompostingJ.D. Baker and J.W. Baker19201
Composting - Phase IJ. Tunney20211
Studies of Mushroom Composts under Tropical ConditionsH.S. garcha and Usha Kiran21219
Mushroom Yield as Affected by Compost Formulations and Growing Houses in IndiaT.R. Shandilya and D.S. Guleria22237
Utilization of Agri-Wastes for Mushroom Cultivation in IndiaH.S. Garcha, A. Sekhon and R.P. Phutela23245
The Small Mushroom Grower in Bulgaria and Technical Progress Achievements ImplementationTZV. Rantcheva24255
A Method for Controlling and Regulating the Composting ProcessH.F. von Minnigerode25265
A Compost Fermentation Method by Means of Forced Air CirculationN. Shieh26279
Sugar Cane By-Products as Bulk Ingredients in Mushroom CompostA. Peerally27293
Der Einfluss der Kompostaufwertung mit Zellulose auf den Ernteertrag im ChampignonanbauK. Grabbe28303
Phase II or CookoutG. Carapiet29311
The Development of Phase II Composting for Mushroom Cultivation in ChinaH.C. Wang and C.H. Shou30319
Automatisation als Grundlage Eines Definierten Pasteurisationsund Fermentationsprozesses bei der Kompostbereitung im ChampignonanbauH. Speckmanni, W. Hullen and K. Grabbe31327
A Unifying Concept of Compost Preparation for the Cultivation of the MushroomAgaricus bisporusP.B. Flegg and P.E. Randle32341
Factors in Bulk Pasteurization and Spawn-RunningJ.P.G. Gerrits33351
Some Remarks on the Breeding, Maintenance of Strains and Spawn of Agaricus bisporus and A. bitorüuisG. Fritsche34367
Compost Temperature Control Systems for Spawn Grown and Setback Processes in Mushroom CultureM.E. Schroeder, L.C. Schisler, R. Snetsinger and V.E. Crowley35387
Spent Compost as an Alternate Casing MaterialC.C. Brosius36397
Yield and Sacing Experiments in the Penn State Mushroom Test Demonstration Facility - 10 Year SummaryM. Schroeder, L. Schisler, R. Snetsinger and V. Crowley37405
Evaluating Casing Materials for Mushroom Culture in Punjab (India)H.S. Garcha and A. Sekhon38411
Effect of Fragmenting Colonized Compost and Supplementation at Casing on Mushroom Size, Yield, and Dry WeightG.M. Schroeder, L.C. Schisler and H.R. Muthersbaugh39419
Casting of Waste-Fed Earthworms for Casing SoilsN. Shieh and H.H. Wang40433
Laboratory and Field Testing of Graypete as a Substitute for Sphagnum Peat Moss Casing in the Cultivation of Agaricus bisporusG. Clancy and P.R. Horton41441
Time Gentlemen PleaseJ.A. Gooding42453
Cultural Practice from Casing to CroppingH.J. Tschierpe43463
Influence of Compost and Casing Moisture on Size, Yield, and Dry Weight of MushroomsG.M. Schroeder and L.C. Schisler44495
Effect of Supplementation at Spawning, Compost Moisture and Casing Moisture on Size, Yield and Dry Weight of MushroomsG.M. Schroeder and L.C. Schisler45511
Cultural Innovation: Its Implications for Mushroom Pest ControlN.W. Hussey46523
Insects and Mites Associated with Mushroom Cultivation on Three Commercial Farms near Sydney, N.S.W., AustraliaA.D. Clift and R.B. Toffolon47537
Development of an Effective Delayed Release Pesticide for Control of Sciarid FliesR.B. Holtz, N. Markowitz and B. Spruce48551
Migration of Sciarid Flies in a Tunnel Used for Cultivation of Agaricus bisporusG. Clancy49563
Pathogenic Disease of the Cultivated MushroomN.P. Arrold50571
Profit and Loss in Disease Control MeasuresD.G. Gandy51581
Verticillium sp., a Pathogen of Agaricus bitorquisA. van Zaayen52591
The Control of Bubble Diseases of Agaricus bisporus (Lange) ImbachJ.T. Fletcher53597
The Effects of Saprophagoüs Nematodes on Mushroom YieldsR.W. McLeod and N.G. Nair54605
Problems in New Zealand Mushroom Production Associated with Bacterial Feeding Nematodes (Mesorhabditis sp.)F.R. Sanderson, J.W. Marshall, G.E. Ovenden and D.S. Siyali55609
Pentachlorophenol (P.C.P.) Exposure - an Occupational Health Hazard in Mushroom GrowingJ.C. Chapman, V.R. Higgins, G.R. Simpson and D.S. Siyali56621
Mushroom Marketing in the 80sW.C. Lane57631
Post-Harvest Management of MushroomsJ.D. Baker, J.B. Watkins and M. Lawson58645
Introducing the Cultivation Of Pleurotus florida in the Plains of IndiaP. Khanna and H.S. Garcha59655
Cultivation of Pleurotus sajor-caju (Fr.) Sing. MushroomR.P. Singh60667
Yield Performance of Different Strains of Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus spp.) on Paddy Straw in PakistanS.M. Khan, A.G. Kausar and M.A. Ali61675
The Use of Cotton Seed Hulls for the Cultivation of Pleurotus sajor-caju in AustraliaK.Y. Cho, N.G. Nair, P.A. Bruniges and P.B. New62679
Cultivation of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus spp.) on Cotton Boll LoculesS.M. Khan and M.A. Ali63691
Cultivation of the Oyster Mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus, on Cotton WasteK.K. Tan64697
Cotton Waste Is a Good Substrate for Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus, the Oyster MushroomK.K. Tan65705
Woodear Log Cultivation in Plastic Sheds around PekingL.H. Lou66711
Auricularia Species Used for Cultivation in ChinaL.H. Lou67717
Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation in ThailandS. Nutalaya and S. Pataragetvit68723
Tricholoma crassum (Berk.) Sacc, an Excellent Edible Mushroom from IndiaN. Samajapti69737
Experiments on the Cultivation of Lepista nuda, the Wood BlewitM. Vaandrager and H.R. Visscher70749

Part 2

1981, Volume 11, Part 2AuthorArticle 
Energy Budget on Biomass Conversion of Agricultural Wastes by Solid State Fermentation: Mushroom Cultivation in Taiwan at an Intermediate Technology LevelHuang Cheng-Hwa, Chen Ching-Wu and Wang Hsi-Hua11
Chemical Composition of Cereal Straw of the Kashmir ValleyT.N. Kaul, M.L. Khurana and J.L. Kachroo219
The Occurrence and Nature of Sulphur Crystals in Phase I Mushroom CompostA. Eicker327
Quantitative Aufnahme von Schwermetallen aus Kontaminierten Substraten des Pilzanbaus durch Agaricus bisporusJ. Fleckenstein and K. Grabbe435
Changes in the Humus-Like Material during CompostingA. Maggioni547
Nutrition of Agaricus bisporus in CompostD.A. Wood and T.R. Fermor663
Solubilisation and Utilisation of Phosporus by Agaricus bisporus (Lange) PilatS.G. Yeo and W.A. Hayes773
Metabolic Water of Mushroom in Bottled SpawnsH.H. Wang, S.J. Lee, Z.C. Chen, N. Hsieh and D.K. Lin893
Interrelated Studies of Physical, Chemical and Biological Factors in Casing Soils and Relationships with Productivity in Commercial Culture of A. bisporus Lange (Pilat).W.A. Hayes9103
Explosion Treatment of Pine Wood Wastes for the Production of Mushroom Casing MaterialH. Mamers and D. Menz10131
Recycling Waste Plant Products as Casing Materials in Mushroom CultivationN.G. Nair and J.K. Bradley11147
A Petri-Plate Agar Technique for Obtaining Primordia in Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing.A. Peerally12153
Sporophore Growth of Agaricus bisporus and Its Possible Application to Predicting Optimum Harvest TimeM.J. Mosley and W.A. Hayes13159
Vitamin B12 in Substrates and Fruitbodies of Agaricus bisporusW.A. Hayes and P. Hand14177
Mycelial Establishment and Fruiting of Soil-Inhabiting Mushrooms in Natural, Steamed and Plant-Occupied Soil SamplesG. Gramss15183
Ethylene Production by Some Species of BasidiomycetesK. Nakazawa, H. Akiyama, R. Akiyama, A. Kato,M. Sato and K.Hikawa16199
Transpiration in MushroomsM.H. Zoberi17217
Observations of Mites Associated with the Low Yielding Crops of Cultivated Agaricus bisporus in AustraliaG. Clancy18233
Biology, Fungal Host Preferences and Economic Significance of Two Pygmephorid Mites (Acarina: Pygmephoridae) in Cultivated Mushrooms, N.S.W., AustraliaA.D. Clift and R.B. Toffolon19245
Advances in Chemical Control of the Sciarid Fly, Lycoriella maliW.W. Cantelo20255
Chemical Control of the Mushroom Sciarid, Lycoriella auripila (Winn.)P.F. White21265
Synthetic Pyrethroids for Control of Mushroom Infesting DipteraF. Ingratta and H.E. Braun22275
Toxicity of Three Insecticides to Lycoriella agarici and Lycoriella solani from New South Wales, AustraliaA.D. Clift and R.B. Toffolon23287
The Taxonomy of the Bacterial Plant Pathogens of Mushroom CultureP.C. Fahy24293
Control of Bacterial Blotch on Mushroom with BactericidesC.C. Tu and Y.M. Liao25313
A Toxin Associated with Bacterial Blotch of MushroomsH.D. Malcolm26325
The Measurement of Moisture on Mushrooms for Forecasting and Control of Bacterial Blotch DiseaseR. Watson and A. Gulliver27331
Epidemiology and Biological Control of Bacterial Blotch Caused by Pseudomonas tolaasiiP.C. Fahy, N.G. Nair and J.K. Bradley28343
Essais de Lutte Biologique contre la Tache Bacterienne (Agent: Pseudomonas fluorescens = tolaasii)J.M. Olivier and J. Guillaumes29353
Recent Investigation of Mushroom Diseases in BeijingChu Hui Chen30369
Differences in Germination Ability and Reaction to External Conditions in Mycogone perniciosa and Verticillium fungicolaK. Bech and G. Kovacs31381
Thermal Death Points for Two Agaricus Species and for the Spores of Some Major PathogensA. van Zaayen and A.J. Rutjens32393
Physiological and Ecological Properties and Chemical Control of Mycogone perniciosa Magn. Causing Wet Bubble in Cultivated Mushroom, Agaricus bisporusH.K. Hsu and Y.H. Han33403
Studies on Lilliputia rufula (Berk. & Br.) Hughes and Its ControlP.K. Seth and R.L. Munjal34427
Mushroom Nematodes and Their Sources of Contamination in Mushroom Beds in IndiaC.D. Thapa, N.K. Sharma and Amitnath35443
Scanning Electron Microscopy of Basidiospores of Agaricus bitorquis and of Healthy and Virus-Infected Agarcius bisporusJ.A. Stalpers and A. van Zaayen36449
Desinfection des Murs de CavesJ. Guillaumes et J.M. Olivier37455
Sensitivity of Mushroom Strains to FungicidesD.G. Gandy38473
Laccase Activity of Agaricus bisporus and Pleurotus ostreatusG. Giovannozzi-Sermanni and M. Luna39485
Influence de Certains Oligo-Elements sur la Croissance et la Fructification de Pleurotus cornucopiaeJ. Delmas and M. Mamoun40497
Action de la Lumiere sur la Fructification du Pleurote du QuebecP. Volland-Nail41511
Correlation entre la Croissance Mycélienne et la Fructification de Pleurotus ostreatusC. Brian, M. Imbernon and S. Granit42523
Caracteristiques des Meilleures Souches de Pleurotus ostreatus Obtenues par HybridationM. Imbernon43531
Use of Ethyl Formate in Controlling the Growth of Sclerotium rolfsii during the Cultivation of Pleurotus SpeciesZakia Bano, S. Rajaratham and M. Muthu44541
Le Pleurote de Quebec: une Nouvelle Espèce?P. Volland-Nail, M. Imbernon, J. Guinberteau and C. Mouches45551
Nutritive Value of Mushroom Pleurotus floridaP. Khanna and H.S. Garcha46561
Anreicherung des Strohsubstrats durch Eiweiss- und Kohlenhydrathaltigemstoffe in Pleurotus florida AnbauS. Balazs47573
Mushroom Culture Utilizing Tobacco WasteP.R. Tolentino48577
Biochemical Studies of Cotton Waste Compost during the Cultivation of Volvariella volvaceaH.S. Kwan and S.T. Chang49585
The Microbiology of Paddy Straw Compost for the Cultivation of Volvariella volvaceaW.C. Lim50595
A Study of Monosporous Isolates of Volvariella volvaceaS.T. Chang, P.F. Miles and C.C. Wai51603
Physiology and Ecology of Lentinus edodes (Berk.) Sing.Y.H. Han, W.T. Ueng, L.C. Chen and S. Cheng52623
Changes in Biochemical and Physiological Activities of Substrates Colonized by Fungi P. ostreatus, L. edodes and A. aegeritaI. Jablonsky53659
On the Application of Isozyme Electrophoresis to Identification of Strains in Lentinus edodes (Shiitake)T. Toyomasu and A. Zennyozi54675
Philippine Auricularias: Taxonomy, Nutrition and CultivationT.H. Quimio55685
Development of Cultivation Method and Analysis of Proteins of a Promising Edible Mushroom Calocybe indica P.&C.R.P. Purkayastha and D. Nayak56697
Amélioration de Différentes Espèces de Champignons ComestiblesC. Brian, L. Pirobbe et J. Guinberteau57715
Studies on Cultivation and Food Value of Macrolepiota procera (Scop. Ex Fr.) SingerC.L. Jandaik and S. Thianga58725
Pholiota nameko found in TaiwanA. Kato, H. Akiyama, R. Akiyama, I. Akiyama, M. Sato, K.Hikawa and K. Nakazawa59735
The Edible Aphyllophorales of IndiaH.S. Khara60747
Parenchyma Cells, Chemical Components of Maitake Mushroom (Grifola fondosa S.F. Gray) Cultured Artificially, and Their Changes by Storage and BoilingF. Takama, S. Ninomiya, R. Yoda, H. Ishii and S. Muraki61767
Cultural Studies on MorelsT.N. Kaul62781
Myco-Ecological Studies on Morel Bearing Sites in KashmirT.N. Kaul, M.L. Khurana, J.L. Kachroo, A. Krishna and C.K. Atal63789
Application of the Electrophoretic Methodology to the Elucidation of Genetic Life Histories of Edible MushroomsB. May and D.J. Royse64799
Caracterisation des Espèces Truffières par Analyse de Leurs Protéines en Gels de Polyacrylamide et Application de Ces Techniques à la Taxonomie des ChampignonsC. Mouches, P. Duthil, N. Poitou, J. Delmas and J.M. Bove65819
Libyan Truffles: Chemical Composition and ToxicityA.A. Ahmed, M.A. Mahamed and M.A. Hami66833
The Response of Helianthemum salicifolium and H. ledifolium to Infection by the Desert Truffle Terfezia BoudieriM.S. Awameh67843
Application de l'Analyse en Composantes Principales à une Tentative de Caracterisation Physico-Chimiqüe des Sols Trufficoles FrançaisJ. Delmas, C. Brian, P. Delpech and J.P. Soyer68855
Some Approaches to the Cultivation of a Mycorrhizal Fungus, Tricholoma matsutake (Ito et Imai) Sing.M. Kawai and M. Ogawa69869
Cultures Mycéliennes de Champignons Mycorhiziens en Milieu OptimalN. Poitou, M. Mamoun and J. Delmas70885
Equipment for Biological Preparation and Fungal Fermentation of Solid Substrates under Laboratory ConditionsI.J. Lelley and M.E. Flick71893