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2012, Volume 18AuthorArticle 
Present Development Situation and Tendency of Edible Mushroom Industry in ChinaYu Li13
Breeding for the Future: New Technologies and New TargetsAnton S.M. Sonnenberg and Johan J.P. Baars210
The Cultivation of Mycorrhizal Mushrooms – Still the Next Frontier!Ian R. Hall and Alessandra Zambonelli316
Protective Effects of Agaricus bisporus Against Cancer and Metabolic DiseasesShiuan Chen and Noriko Kanaya428
Population Genetic Analyses of Wild Edible Mushrooms from Southwestern ChinaJianping Xu, Yang Cao, Ying Zhang and Zefen Yu537
Diversity of Wild Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms in China: Past Studies and Future ProspectsZhu-Liang Yang, Xi-Hui Du, Bang Feng and Qi Zhao647
Molecular Diversity of Wild Auricularia polytricha in Guangdong Province Revealed by ISSR AnalysisPing Du, Bao-Kai Cui and Yu-Cheng Dai758
Breathing New Life to a Malaysia Lost National Treasure ─ the Tiger-Milk Mushroom (Lignosus rhinocerotis)Tan CS, Ng ST, Yeannie Yap HY, Lee SS, Lee ML, Fung SY, Tan NH and Sim SM866
Some Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of PakistanSh. Muhammad IqbaI, GazaIa Nasim and M. AsIam Khan972
Establishing a Core Collection of Pleurotus ostreatus Cultivated in China Based on SSR MarkersChenyang Huang, Hui Li, Qiang Chen and Jinxia Zhang1083
Diversity and Status of Macrofungi in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, IndiaM. Krishnappa1192
β-tubulin Gene Sequence Analysis of the Germplasm Resources of Annulohypoxylon spp. Paired with Tremella fuciformis BerkWeihong Peng, Jie Tang, Yanhong Mou, Xiaojin Ye, Dinghong Jia, Chuanrui Zhang, Yong Guo, Liyuan Xie, Yong Wang, Wei Tan, Zhongqian Huang1,2 and Bingcheng Gan1,21299
The NucIear RibosomaI DNA Intergenic Spacer as a Target Sequence to Study Intraspecific Diversity of Auricularia aurilaria-judaeLiLi, Wei Liu, Yan Zhou, Yang Xiao and Yin-bing Bian13105
Protein Trafficking During Fruiting Body Morphogenesis in Agaricus bisporusPeter Romaine, Carl Schlagnhaufer, Don Walters, Jack Wilkinson, Ben Shi, Irene Hwang, Rody Spivey and Melissa Gray14117
Physiological Factors Favoring Morphogenesis in Agaricomycetous MushroomsAkira Suzuki15125
Genomics of Shiitake Mushroom Lentinula edodes and a Genomic Analytical Platform for MushroomsHoi Shan Kwan, Chun Hang Au, Man Chun Wong, Jing Qin, Iris Sze Wai Kwok, Winnie Wing Yan Chum, Pui Ying Yip, Kin Sing Wong, Lei Li, Qianli Huang and Man Kit Cheung16131
Decomposition of Corn Stover by White-rot FungiLi Meng, Liang-cheng Chen, Bo Zhang, Dan Li and Yu Li17138
A Mannitol-1-Phosphate Dehydrogenase from the Basiodiomycete Pholiota nameko is Essentially Alcohol DehydrogenaseYan Li, Yukiko Kinjo, Jianing Wan, Norihiro Shimomura, Takeshi Yamaguchi and Tadanori Aimi18145
Wood Decomposition within the Oyster Mushroom GrowingMartin Pavlik and Stefan Pavlik19153
Cloning and Quantitative Analysis of Genes Specifically Expressed in Mycelium and Primordium of Pleurotus ostreatusChaomin Yin, Yeye Chen, Hanyu Zhu, Jinghang Lei and Aimin Ma20160
Cloning and Analysis of Partial B Mating Gene Pheromone Receptor in Agrocybe salicacolaWeimin Chen, Hongmei Chai and Yongchang Zhao21168
The Effect of Calcium on Ligninolytic Enzymes Production by Pleurotus ostreatus during Vine Sawdust FermentationMirjana Stajić, Jasmina Ćilerd¿ić, Sonja Duletić-Lau¿ević, Jelena Vukojević and Ivan Milovanović22175
Development of EST-SSR Markers in Pleurotus ostreatus and Construction of Primary Core CollectionQiang Yao, Xue-Mei Zhang, Zhi-Yuan Gong, Xing-Xi Gao, Jin LI, Jian-Dong Han, Peng-Fei Ren, Lu-Zhang Wan and Hai-Xia Ren23180
Molecular Cloning and Sequence Analysis of DNA Topoisomerase II Gene from 0mphalotus nidiformis and Its Application to Phylogenetic AnalysisChenyang Huang, Cuixin Li, Qiang Chen and Jinxia Zhang24189
Production and Partial Characterization of Carboxymethyl Cellulase from Trichoderma sp. and AspergiIIus niger in Solid State FermentationNabiIa BeIhamiche, Azeddine BeIIache, MouIoud Kecha and Said BenaIIaoua25194
Genetic Diversity Analysis of Agaricus bisporus Using SRAP and ISSR MarkersZe-Sheng Wang, Mei-Yuan Chen, Zhi-Xin Cai, Jian-Hua Liao, Hong-Rong Li, Zhong-Jie Guo and Zheng-Hui Lu26203
Optimization of Liquid Fermentation Conditions of Hirsutella sinensis by Response Surface MethodologyJunwen Cheng, Lizhong Fu and Liang He27211
Structure and Biological Significance of Mating Type Locus in Edible MushroomsJianing Wan, Yan Li, Yoshiko Kawai, Norihiro Shimomura and Tadanori Aim28221
Selection and Breeding for New Strains in Lentinula edodesNiansheng Xu, Xinchang Luo and Defu Ai29229
Identification, Analysis and Expression of a Cold-induced Gene in Volvariella volvaceaHong Wang, Xiaohong Sun, Aiping Feng, Xiaoda Yang, Mingjie Chen and Yingjie Pan30229
Morphological and Genetic Characteristics of Different Collections of Ganoderma P. Karst. SpeciesSusanna Badalyan, Narine Gharibyan, Mirco Iotti and Alessandra Zambonelli31247
Development of Species Level DNA Barcodes to Identify Cultivated Edible MushroomsFarhat Ahmadi Avin, Vikineswary Sabaratnam, Tan Yee Shin and Subha Bhassu32255
Low Temperature Requiring Strains of Paddy Straw Mushroom, Volvariella volvacea and Markers for Their IdentificationO.P. AhIawat and V.P. Sharma33262
Genetic Differentiation of Inbred Progenies of Flammulina velutipes StrainsZhen Xu, Xiao-Dong Shang, Qi Tan and Ying-Jie Pan35278
Analysis of Gene Expression Differences in the Substrate-Decomposing Ability Degenerated Strains of Agaricus bisporusMeiyuan Chen, Jianhua Liao, Zhixin Cai, Hongrong Li, Zhongjie Guo and Zesheng Wang36284
Intraspecific Comparison of Three Complete Mitochondrial Genome Sequences from the Oyster Mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatusMai Morinaga, Yasuhito Okuda, Rika Takagi, Teruyuki Matsumoto and Yukitaka Fukumasa-Nakai37293
Whole Genome Sequencing and Comparison of Two Compatible Monokaryons of Flammulina velutipesWon-Sik Kong, Arend F. van Peer, Kab-Yeul Jang, Pyung-Gyun Shin, Young-Bok Yoo, Young-Jin Park, Byoung-Moo Lee, Hyungtae Kim, Chang-Soo Lee and Jong-Guk Kim38300
Cultivated Edible Mushrooms Pleurotus pulmonarius and P. sajor-caju are Two Separate Species as Established by Molecular and Crossing AnalysesA.A. Shnyreva, A.B. Sivolapova and A.V. Shnyreva39307
Characterization of Mating-Type Genes, Determination of Nuclear Phase and Strain Identification in Rhizopogon roseolusJianing Wan, Yan Li, Norihiro Shimomura, Takeshi Yamaguchi and Tadanori Aimi40315
Genomic Studies to Characterise the Viruses of Mushroom Virus X and Responses of the Host Agaricus bisporus to InfectionGregory L. Deakin, Edward Dobbs, Julie M. Bennett, Julian Green, Ian M. Jones, Helen M. Grogan and Kerry S. Burton41329
Epidemiology of Trichoderma aggressivum in Bulk Phase 3 Compost for Agaricus bisporus ProductionHelen Grogan, Matthew O Brien, Kevin Kavanagh, Andreja Dobrovin-Pennington, Tom Nixon, Charles Lane and Ralph Noble42336
Detection of Trichoderma aggressivum Green Mould During Spawn-runJohan Baars, Jo Rutjens and Roland Mumm43343
The Status of Trichoderma aggressivum, the Causal Agent of Green Mold, in the United States as Determined in Response to 2010-2011 Quarterly SurveysJohn A Pecchia and DAvid M Beyer44357
A New Mushroom Disease-The Slippery Scar in Auricularia polytrichaJie Sun and Yinbing Bian45357
Susceptibility of Polish Strains of Lecanicillium fungicola to the Different Disinfectants and Their Pathogenicity to Agaricus bisporusJoanna Szumigaj-Tarnowska, Zbigniew Uliński, Anna Stępowska, Czesław Ślusarski and Barbara Dyki46363
Identification of Trzchoderma spp. In Mushroom Farms in SerbiaDejana Kosanović, Ivana Potočnik, Bojan Duduk, Svetlana Milijasevic,-Marčić, Emil Rekanović, Milos Stepanović, and Bijana Todorović47370
Hygiene – Cultivating Mushrooms Without the Use of Chemical AgentsMark C.M.B. den Ouden48377
Application Regime for Disease Control Using Thyme OilThierry Regnier, Sandra Combrinck, Kimberly Paley and David Beyer49384
Effect of Medicinally Potential Plant Extracts and Isolated Ingredients on Pathogens Damaging Mushroom Cultivation in Vidarbha Region of IndiaM.O. Malpani, P.R. Rajput and N.G. Ghodile50390
Biological Control of Trichoderma harzianum on Agaricus bisporus by Tea Tree Oil and Bacillus subtilisIvana Potočnik, Dejana Kosanović, Svetlana Milija¿ević-Marčić, Emil Rekanović, Milo¿ Stepanović and Biljana Todorović 51394
Modern View on Current Status, Future Trends, and Unsolved Problems in Studies of Medicinal MushroomsS.P. Wasser52401
Practical Methods to Make Mushrooms the Best Dietary Source of Vitamin D2M.D. Kalaras, R.B. Beelman and R.J. Elias53416
Mushrooms for Nerve Health - Our Research FindingsVikineswary Sabaratnam, Murali Naidu, Pamela David, Wong Kah Hui, Tan Yee Shin and Sri Nurestri Abdul Malek54439
Anti-dementia Compounds from the Mushroom Hericium erinaceumHirokazu Kawagishi 55448
The Medicinal Agaricus Cultivated in Brazil, a Versatile Multiple-Use Mushroom, in the Context of the Recent Brazilian Economic GrowthMaria Angela Lopes de Almeida Amazonas56457
Mushroom Lectins and Their Biological ActivitiesH.X. Wang57466
Unravel the Chemistry and Biology of a Valuable Medicinal Mushroom¿Antrodia camphorateKelvin Sze-Yin Leung and Patrick Ying-Kit Yue58471
Production of GABA-Enriched Powder by Flammulina velutipes and Its Antihypertensive Effects in Spontaneously Hypertensive FatsAkira Harada, Takeshi Nagai and Miho Yamamoto59476
Anticancer Potential of Mushroom Extracts from Commercially Cultivated Species in La Rioja, SpainAkira Harada, Takeshi Nagai and Miho Yamamoto 476
Anticancer Potential of Mushroom Extracts from Commercially Cultivated Species in La Rioja, Spain Marcos Vilariño, Cristina Clavijo, Margarita Pérez and Alfredo Martínez
Antibacterial Potential of Lenzites betulinusCultivation Medium Enriched with SeleniumMilovanović Ivan, Kosanić Marijana, Ćilerd¿ić Jasmina, Brčeski Ilija, Kne¿ević Aleksandar, Stajić Mirjana and Vukojević Jelena61491
Genomics Changes Induced by Maitake D-Fraction in the Suppression of Breast Cancer PhenotypeAlonso Eliana and Gabriela Balogh62495
First Report of a Laccase from Genus Abortiporus with Anti-Proliferative Activity Against Tumor CellsGuo-Qing Zhang, Tian Tian, Yue-Ping Liu, He-Xiang Wang and Qing-Jun Chen63502
Radioprotective Effects of Agaricus blazei Murrill (Himematsutake)Etsuko Harada, Toshihiro Morizono, Kohei Inoue and Masayoshi Saito66543
Substantiating Immune Related Health Claims for Mushroom-Derived PolysaccharidesJurriaan J. Mes, Coen Govers and Harry J. Wichers68557
Research and Development of a Ganoderma lucidum Polysaccharide Injection FormulationYuji Jiang, Anle He, Baogui Xie, Ye Li, Youjin Deng and Xinrui Liu69567
Isolation and Purification of Polysaccharides from Pholiota adiposaQingxiu Hu, Hexiang Wang and Tzi Bun Ng70574
Polysaccharide Fractions from the Submerged Fermentation Culture of Trametes versicolor LH1 with Characterization and Proliferation in PBMCJian-Zhi Chen, Fang-Yi Lin, Tai-Hao Hsu, Hui-Chen Lo and Nan-Yin Chen71585
Statistical Optimization of Process Variables for the Production of Mycelial Biomass and Polysaccharides from Lentinus edodesShivani and P.K. Khanna72592
Enzymatic Extraction, Quantification and Structural Characterization of β-Glucans from Specific MushroomsHelga Mölleken, Jörg Nitschke, Hans-Willi Kling and Hans-Josef Altenbach73601
Purification and Characterization of a Novel Inhibiting of Plant Virus Infection Lectin from Wild Mushroom Paxillus involutusShouxian Wang, Guoqing Zhang, Shuang Zhao, Feng Xu, Lanqing Wang, Xiaoli Geng, Lili Meng, Yu Liu and Hexiang Wang74611
Acceptability and Nutritional Quality of Oyster Mushroom Powder Supplementary FoodsAsha Mane, Sanyogita Deshmukh and V. R. Deshmukh75619
In Vitro Neuronal Differentiation and Neurite Outgrowth of Rat Pheochromocytoma Cells Evoked by Pleurotus giganteus (Berk.) Karunarathna & K.D. HydeChia Wei Phan, Seamus Moroney, Pamela David, Murali Naidu, Malek Sri Nurestri and Vikineswary Sabaratnam1, 276623
Lignosus rhinocerus(Cooke) Ryvarden – A New Potential Medicinal Mushroom That Can Stimulate Neurite Outgrowth at Low Concentrations of ExtractsLee-Fang Eik, Murali Naidu and Vikineswary Sabaratnam77630
Bioactive Secondary Metabolites Produced by Flammulina velutipes Fermented on Cooked RiceHongwei Liu, Yaqi Wang, Li Bao, Xiaoli Yang, Junjie Han, Shaojuan Wang, Yan Sha, Quanxin Wang, Huaan Wen, Xingzhong Liu and Xinsheng Yao78635
Quantification of DPPH Radical Scavenging Activity, Total Phenolic and Protein Contents of Cultivated Pink Oyster Mushroom on Different Rice Husk PercentagesJohan Soekwanto, Hip Seng Yim and Yong Hui Tan79642
Analysis of Adenosine, Cordycepin and D-Mannitol in Different Parts of Cordyceps militaris Cultivated in Rice and Millet Substrates by HPLCEng Thuan Chang, Lek Teng Lim and Chia Yen Le80647
In Vivo Evaluation of the Proteins in the Cultivated MushroomsM.M. Al-Enazi1, 2, A.Z. El-Bahrawy3,* and M.A. El-Khateeb81653
Determination of Proximate, Mineral Ion, and Amino Acid Contents and Phytochemical Properties of a Wild Species of Tricholoma Caligatum of Nigerian SavannahS.D. Gyar, J.W. Ohiro and C. Ibanga82663
Analysis and Safety Evaluation of Sulphur Dioxide in Fresh and Dried Lentinula edodesXueqian Wu, Juan Xu, Zhenlin Chai, Hailong Wei, Qingqi Wu and Qingqing Li83671
Influence of Nano-Packaging Materials on Antioxidant Enzyme Activity and Physiological Characteristics of Button Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) during StorageNan Shan, Wenjian Yang, Qiuhui Hu, Liyan Zhao, Xinxin An, Zhihong Xin, Yong Fang, Jin Liang, Feng Li and Fei Pei84676
The Comparative Study of Lentinus edodes Caps and Stems Influence on Injuries of Gastric Mucosa in Rats Evoked by StressViktor Bilay, Tetyana Beregova and Vitaliy Kukharskyy85688
Spawn Making and Strain Development: Challenges and OpportunitiesMark P. Wach86696
Towards a Better Understanding of the Present Production of Button Mushroom by Generating DataAnton S.M. Sonnenberg and Chris Blok87702
Use of Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS) as an Ingredient in Mushroom Compost FormulationsDaniel J. Royse88709
Partial or Complete Vitrification for Cryopreservation of Living Stock Cultures of Mushrooms Used in Manufacturing Dietary SupplementsShung-chang Jong and Jinxia Zhang89714
Studies on Breeding of Shiitake Mushroom, Lentinula edodes, and Effect of Strain Preservation on ReproductionRikuo Fukui90723
Advances in Solid State Fermentation of the Mushroom Fungus: Agaricus bisporusBechara Mark A.91729
Supplementation of Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS) to Improve the Structure and Productivity as a Casing MaterialJason Barry, Owen Doyle, Jim Grant and Helen Grogan92735
Effect of Casing in Production of the Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Agaricus subrufescensGerardo Mata, Gabriel Alejandro Calderón and Jean-Michel Savoie93743
Casing Layer as Related to Mushroom Yield and Quality of Agaricus bisporus in IndiaB.L. Dhar, Neeraj Shrivastava and Jitendra Kumar94749
Recycling Casing SoilPeter Oei and Guido Albert95757
Effect of Supplementing the Compost on the Yield, Chemical Composition and Amino Acid Content of MushroomM.M. Al-Enazi, A.Z. El-Bahrawy and M.A. El-Khateeb96766
Production on a Large Scale the Pleurotus ostreatus Using Grass and Straw Through the Short Composting Process Including Phase I and IIFabrício Rocha Vieira, João Paulo Furlan de Jesus, Meire Cristina de Nogueira Andrade and Marli Teixeira de Almeida Minhoni97776
Microbial Community Diversity and Structure Analysis of Casing Soil During Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) GrowthWeiming Cai, Qunli Jin, Weilin Feng, Huaiying Yao and Yueyan Liu98784
Effect of Supplemented Spawn on Yield and Biochemical Composition of Lentinula edodes Cultivated on Pasteurized Wheat StrawGaitán-Hernández Rigoberto, Cortés Norberto and Mata Gerardo100799
Effects of Aeration in Sawdust Cultivation Bags on Hyphal Growth of Lentinula edodesHwa-Yong Lee, Eun-Ju Ham, Young-Jin Lee, Eui-Sung Kim, Gyu-Kwang Shim and Chang-Duck Koo101809
Changes of Taste Components and Antioxidant Activities of the Fruit Bodies of Brown Type Flammulina velutipesShozo Yoneyama, Seiki Gisusi, Mayumi Sato and Osamu Watanabe102815
Effect of Trace Element Copper Supplemented in Medium on Growth, Yield, and Physiology of Pleurotus eryngiiQingxiu Hu, Daoping Guan, Xin Yang and Ruiying Zhang103822
Influence of Charcoal Powder Added into Substrate of Lentinula edodes on Fruit Body Yield and Cultivation ConditionYoshie Terashima, Katsumi Iwasawa and Yurika Miyuki104831
The Study on the Effects of Mixed Audio Frequencies of Music and Insect Chirping on Mushroom GrowthHan Shenghua, Ye Caiyun, Chen ting, Han Hongyi, Zeng Lintao and Ling Baojuan105837
Study on the Relationship Between Mycelial Growth and Substrate Consumption of Auricularia auricula-judaeMJiechi Zhang, Zenghua Han, Piqi Zhang, Xianghui Kong, Qingfang Ma, Xiaodong Dai and Jianing Liu106845
Optimization on Key Technology Parameters for Sparassis crispa ProductivityYanquan Lin, Lu Ma, Xiaoling Jiang and Zhenghe Ying107852
Correlation between Some Quantitative Traits and Stepwise Regression Analysis for Spore Yield and Pileus Weight in Ling Zhi (Ganoderma lucidum)Lizhong Fu, Junwen Cheng, Qingqi Wu, Haibo Li, Hailong Wei, Mingliang Lv and Chuanjiu Hu108857
The Development of a New Concept and System for Watering during Agaricus bisporus CultivationOfer Danay, Ran Kadosh, Dov Raz, Gabi Yasinov, Nirit Ezov, Moshe Miron, Yitzhak Hadar and Dan Levanon109863
Effect of Food Waste Compost on the Fruit Body Yield of Ganoderma lucidum (antler)Eun-Young Jo and Johng-Hwa Ahn110869
Recycling Lignocellulosic Wastes for Mushroom Production and Cattle FeedOfer Danay, Nirit Ezov, Edith Yosef and Dan Levanon111875
Livelihood Recovery through JUNCAO Mushroom Industry Development as a Poverty Reduction Approach in LesothoMalota Sekete, Ma Duanzheng, Lin Zhanxi, Lin Dongmei Lin Xingsheng, Lin Hui and Hexiang Wang112881
Cereal Grains and Cryoprotectants in Lentinula edodes Cryopreservation at -70°CTalita Rafaele D¿Agostini Mantovani, Henrique Susumu Tanaka, Suzana Harue Umeo, Lienine Luiz Zaghi Junior, Luzia Doretto Paccola-Meirelles, Giani Andrea Linde and Nelson Barros Colauto113887
Host Plants Associated with Tricholoma matsutake and Closely Allied Species in AsiaKatsuji Yamanaka, Tadanori Aimi, Jianing Wan, Hui Cao and Mingjie Chen114897
Possible Involvement of Reactive Oxygen Species in Ectomycorrhizal Association between Rhizopogon roseolus and Pinus thunbergiiNorihiro Shimomura, Yuuki Nakanishi, Tadanori Aimi and Hiroshi Otani115908
Ectomycorrhizal Formation in Pinus thunbergii Seedling Inoculated with Basidiospore Isolates of Rhizopogon roseolusKiyomi Sawada, Qi Gao, Jianing Wan, Norihiro Shimomura and Tadanori Aimi116914
The Legal Protection of New Mushroom Strains with US Patents for Commercial Production and Marketing StrategiesShung-Chang Jong117921
Increasing Worldwide Consumption of Mushrooms: The Mushrooms and Health Global Initiative at WorkMary Jo Feeney118934
Study on Technical Efficiency of Agaricus bisporus Production in China: A Stochastic Frontier AnalysisLi Shuming, Li Ping and Zhang Junbiao119939
Status of Mushroom Industry in Kenya: A Case of Unexploited PotentialMary W. Gateri and Lusike Wasilwa120947
Effect of Mushroom Entrepreneurship Development Training Programme on Adoption of Mushroom Enterprise by Youths of Weaker SectionG.K. Mane and Asha Mane121954