Mushroom World: September 2011

MushroomWorld_September2011Volume 22, Issue 3
4. Mushrooms Go PINK in Support of Breast Cancer Resesarch
7. On Food Day Canada BMO Asks, What’s on Your Plate?
8. Does Your Workplace Health and Safety Program Measure Up? – by Diane Harold, Human Resource Essentials
10. Cobweb Diesease of Agaricus Bisporus – by Allnesi Chakwiya-Johnson, South Africa
14. BC Mushroom Growers Come Together to Show Commitment to Worker Safety
16. Best Before Dates – by Elizabeth Hames
17. Food Safety Education and Research: A Failing Grade for Canadian Universities – by Ronald L. Doering, BA, LL.D
18. Self-Directed Risk Management Program: Edible Horticulture
20. Mushrooms Make the “Clean” List – by Environmental Working Group (EWG)
21. Province Helps Mushroom Farm Expansion
22. Remembering Henry Russell “Hank” Taylor

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