Mushroom World: March 2011

Volume 22, Issue 21

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4. Canadian Mushroom Farmers Donate $60,000 to Breast Cancer Research
7. Do Health & Nutrition Claims Sell More Mushrooms? – by Dr. John L. Stanton
10. Maximizing Harvesting and Health Benefits in Commercial White and Brown Mushrooms – by Danny Lee Rinker, Suqiin Shao, Marta Hernandez,
John K. G. Kramer, and Rong Tsao

12. Mushrooms Canada Annual General Meeting
16. Mushroom Masters Tournament of Taste
16. Good News Stories – Highline: Highline Associates Raise Over $10,000
in Annual Polar Bear Dip
18. Microbiological Study of Casing Materials for White
Button Mushrooms – A Short Report – by Nazareth A. Siyoum & Lise Korsten
19. Use of Selected Essential Oils for the Preventative Control of the Wet Bubble Pathogen Mycogone Perniciosa on Casing Material – by Thierry Regnier & Sandra Combrinck
22. The Evolution of Marketing – Mushroom Council USA: Part 1
25. Engaging Consumers – Every Day, Every Way (Mushroom Council USA: Part 2)

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