Mushroom World: December 2013

Volume 24, Issue 4
3. Health & Safety Aspects of Working with SMC – Teagasc Research Team
7. Cover Recipe: Baked Mushroom Topped Brie
9. Two New Mushroom Products for Foodservice – by Jane Dummer, RD
10. Value-Added Opportunities – by Vineland Research & Innovation Centre
14. Presentation to Minimum Wage Advisory Panel
15. Economic Impact of TFW – by Al Mussell & Bob Seguin
16. H S Gas Production from SMC – by Helen Grogan
17. NAMC Presentation: Mushrooms Worldwide – by Peter Christiaens
21. Take it with More than a Grain of Salt – by Geoff Price
23. A Year in Promotions
25. Top 10 Food Trends for 2013

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