Mushroom World: December 2009

Volume 20, Issue 4
4. Temporary Foreign Workers [TFW] Low Skills Program
7. Dr. Ronald E. Pitblado
8. The Age of Persuasion. Part 2 and Part 3 – Terry O’Reilly
16. SHAMROCKS & LEPRECHAUNS… The Irish are Coming!
18. Proposed Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Benefits for Ontario’s Farmers [OMAFRA]
20. Champ’s, Prairie Mushrooms Forge New Relationship, Strengthen B.C., Alberta Brands
21. Senator 70WP Receives Full Registration for the Control of Trichoderma Green Mould on Mushrooms
22. Highline Unveils New Zamboni
23. Shroomfest Donates $30,000 to Local Groups
24. Highline Announces First Annual Family Scholarship Recipients
25. AgriInvest Deposit Notices In Farmers’ Hands
26. Composting, the Cornerstone of Mushroom Cultivation – Jeff Cratty* • LF. Lambert Spawn Company
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