Mushroom Business: Issue #66 – August 2014

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China is rich in edible fungus species resources. Traditional and modern production coexist in China with its edible fungus output ac-counting for more than 70 percent of the world’s total. Aside from wild edible fungi, China has cultivated more than 70 edible species. Under the direction of the government, the industry has gained unpreceden-ted opportunities for further development. Factory-based production is getting mature, while advanced production and processing techniques have been applied. This will lead to further increase of consumption and the establishment of a specialized fungi trading market. Therefore, both domestic and international trade volumes will see a rise.

Some figures: There are more than 100 counties with an annual edible fungi output value of more than 100 million RMB. The number of em-ployees in the sector exceeds 20 million. There are about 800 enter-prises engaged in factory-based fungi production. Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology, Tianshui Zhongxing Bio-technology, and Wuhan Ruyi-qing Group play a leading role in the industry, each with a daily output of 150 tons fresh product. In addition, there are about 200 enterprises engaged in large-scale mushroom production. There are more than 300 edible fungi processing enterprises with an output value of more than RMB 1 million and improved capability for increasing added value and export. There are more than 4,000 specialized edible fungus coopera-tives in the country, and 100 edible fungi wholesale markets (and one e-trading platform).

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