Mushroom Business: Issue #64 – April 2014

Mushroom-Business-64ISMS News
In September 2013 the executive committee of ISMS has changed; a new secretary, dr. Christine Smith and a new treasurer, dr. Johan Baars (Wageningen University and Re-search Centre, in short “WUR”). I am thus writing my very first column for ISMS News. First, a short introduction; I have a broad experience in mushroom research but I am mainly working as a scientist on genetics and strain development (predominantly Agaricus bisporus) and on substrate utilisation by mushrooms. As such I am also involved in dis-cussions on strain protection of new Agaricus bisporus varieties.This is not a trivial matter. Over the last 50 years a lot of progress has been made with respect to the cultivation of button mushroom. Pre-paration of compost has improved tremendously. Also climate control and the design of mushroom farms has seen great progress (and many other things). However, the last decades, no major innovations to the system are seen. One resource seems to be rather unutilised: the gene-tic diversity of mushroom strains.

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