Mushroom Business: Issue #58 – April 2013

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ISMS was founded as an organization dedicated to facilitating cooperation among the world’s mushroom scientists, in order to improve the transfer of new ideas and technologies to the commercial sector. As the industry gathers to see “what’s new” at the popular Dutch Mushroom Days trade show and exposition, I am reminded of the role of mushroom science in the global growth of the business. Today, ISMS is playing a key role in developing an understanding of the nature of mushrooms in the diet, their role in human nutrition, and the potential health benefits. The finer points of compost, casing soils and pasteurization techniques will always be important to the grower, and the subject of significant research. However, in order to increase consumption and compete with the ever increasing availability of other fruits and vegetables expanding consumer awareness, has become the focus of an international research effort.

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