AMGA Journal: Winter 2013

Winter 2013
4. International health Research and the Dividend for Mushrooms – by Chris Rowley
6. Pearls of Wisdom for Mothers Day – by Chris Rowley
8. The Power of Going Social – by Chris Rowley
10. Have a Healthy Heart-Eat More Mushrooms – by Chris Rowley
12. Talking With Health Professionals – by Chris Rowley
14. Educating Young Mushroom Lovers – by Chris Rowley
16. Improvements to Mushroom Quality by Reducing Bruising Damage – by Chris Rowley
20. Post Harvest and Quality – by Douglas Schirripa
22. Industry New
25. Harmonisation Workplace Health and Safety Changes – by Philip Martin
28. Pest and Disease Management Service
36. General Managers Column
38. AMGA Chairmans Column

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