AMGA Journal: Winter 2011

AGMA-Journal-Winter-2011Winter 2011
4. Victorian 50th Anniversary Celebrations – by Caroline Westamore
8. Majestic Mushrooms Pty Ltd – by Ian and Helen Chu
14. Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones – by Philip Martin
18. Social Media and Mushrooms – by Chris Rowley
20. Mind Blowing Social Media Statistics
21. Vitamin D Mushroom Production
21. Mushrooms and Westmead – by Chris Rowley
25. Hawkesbury Show Mushrooms Competition Results
26. Mushrooms Go Pink in October – by Chris Rowley
27. Horticultural Task Force
28. C Point training in Australia February 2012 – by Judy Allan
31. Pest and Disease Management Service How Well Managed is The Storage of Your Spawn and/or Casing Inoculum
32. Disposal of Empty Chemical Containers and Unwanted Pesticides
33. Contact Details of Diagnostic Laboratories
34. General Managers Report
36. Chairmans Report
37. Photographs from Mushroom Days

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