AMGA Journal: Summer 2013

AGMA-Journal-Summer-2013Summer 2013
4. Partnerships That Keep The Wheels of Industry Turning – by Craig Perring
6. National Mushroom Industry Conference September 2013 – by Judy Allan
9. Technology for Communication and Training in the Mushroom Industry – by Jenny Carroll
15. Managing Pinning – by Jan Gielen
18. Hazardous Substances and What You Need to Know Prior to a Natural Emergency – by Phil Martin
22. Promoting Good Health with Pink Mushrooms – by Chris Rowley
24. State Based Pink Events – by Chris Rowley
27. Mushrooms in the Sun – by Chris Rowley
28. Eat Drink Blog – by Chris Rowley
29 Better Homes and gardens – by Chris Rowley
30. Summer Mushrooms – by Chris Rowley
32. Pest and Disease Management Service Lecanicillium –the new name for the causal organsism of Bubble – By Warwick Gill
34. Safe and Effective Chemical Use – by Judy Allan
38. General Managers Report – Chairman’s Comment

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