AMGA Journal: Summer 2011

AGMA-Journal-Summer-2011Summer 2011
4. Mushroom Quality in the Supply Chain – by Douglas Schirrips
12. Challenges and Change in the Mushroom Business Over the Last 55 Years – As told to Judy Allan by Rob Tolson
20. AMGA 50th Anniversary Celebrations
26. 38th Australian Mushroom Growers Conference Sponsors
30. Ten Commandments of Agari-Culture Management – by Ray Samp
32. Mushroom Industry Training February 2012 – by Judy Allan
35. Pink Mushrooms – by Chris Rowley
38. Summer Mushrooms – It’s a little bit different – by Chris Rowley
Pest and Disease Management Service – by Judy Allan
40. There’s More Involved Than Having a Person on the Farm Accredited to Use Pesticides
41. Carbendazim Permit Renewed Until September 2014
42. End of Another Chapter for Tony and Frances Biggs
44. General Manager’s Column – by Greg Seymour
46. Chairman’s Column – by Douglas Schirripa

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