AMGA Journal: Summer 2009

AGMA-Journal-Summer-2009Summer 2009
5. BBQ Mushrooms Brazillian Style
9. Mushrooms Popular at the General Practitioner Conference – by Glenn Cardwell
13. Tunnel Vision – by Kirsty McKenzie, Photography Ken Brass
15. Watering 4 Purpose – by Ray Samp
17. Double Cropping Agaricus bisporusby Professor Daniel J. Royse
19. A Carbon Footprint for Mushrooms – by Dzintra Horder
21. Bullying … it’s serious business – by Lucinda Smith
25. Reflections on the Workshop for Growers held in Brisbane – by Judy Allan
27. Quality Assurance Recognition for Mushroom Research Unit – by Tony Biggs
28. 36th AMGA Mushroom Growers Conference

31. Industry News
34. Pest and Disease Management Service – Judy Allan
36. Chairmans Report – Mick Surridge
37. General Manager’s report – Greg Seymour

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