AMGA Journal: Spring 2013

AGMA-Journal-Spring-2013Spring 2013
4. 2013 Conference Program
5. Speakers for the 40th AMGA Conference
11. Sponsors and Exhibitors
16. Ambassadors Program Kicks Off – by Chris Rowley
18. Mushroom Mania – by Chris Rowley
20. Power of Mushroom Retailing – by Chris Rowley
21. Health Promotions – by Chris Rowley
22. Talking to Health Professionals – by Chris Rowley
22. Working With Media – by Chris Rowley
23. Taking Mushrooms To The Classroom – by Chris Rowley
25. Mushroom Training Courses July 2013 – by Judy Allan
30. Managing The Evaporation Process – by Jan Gielen
34. Further Testing on the Two Step Cleaning and Sanitising Process Using Tri-Clean® and Tri-Fog® – by Judy Allan and Warwick Gill
39. Agora:
40. General Managers Report
42. Chairmans Report

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