AMGA Journal: Spring 2011

AGMA-Journal-Spring-2011Spring 2011
4. Comparitive Performance of Matrix and Millet Spawn in Compost Under Laboratory Conditions a Difference Temperatures
10. My Mushrooms Journey and How It All Started – by Leif Levang
15. A Focus on Food Safety – Watching the World…Managing the Risk – by Clare Hamilton-Bate
18. Mushrooms Go Pink in October
21. South Australia Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary of AMGA
23. A New State Promotions Coordinator for Queensland
25. A Celebration of Mushroom Queensland Style – by Jane Keogh
Pest and Disease Management Service – by Judy Allan
28. Pestigas
29. Octave Rates in Split Application Use Pattern
30. Reminder to Check pH of Water
31. General Managers Column – by Greg Seymour
33. Mushroom R and D Investment Evaluation – by Greg Seymour
34. Chairman’s Report – by Douglas Schirripa

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