AMGA Journal: Spring 2009

AGMA-Journal-Spring-2009Spring 2009
5. Pinning for Optimal Staggers – by Hennie van den Einde
11. Harvesting for Maximum Results – by Theo Haegens
13. Situational Growning – by Ray Samp
15. Culinary Young Guns Inspired by Growers – by Dzintra Horder
17. Ghost Fungi – by Lyndall Rosevear
19. Yes You Can Manage! (Your OHS and Workers Compensation) – by Lucinda Smith
23. State Promotions – WA, VIC, NSW
27 Pest and Disease Management Service – Alan Clift
29. Chairmans Report – Doug Schirripa
30. General Manager’s Report – Greg Seymour

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