AMGA Journal: Autumn 2009

AGMA-Journal-Autumn-2009Autumn 2009
5. Farm Profile: Canberra Mushrooms – by Judy Allan
9. Improving Work Performance – What Can I Do? – by Jude Netteingham
11. air Exhaust Size and Mushroom Quality – by Dermitt O’Morchoe
13. New research: Mushroom and Health
19. Vitamin D and the Mushroom – by Glen Cardwell
21. The Value f=of Research: Achieving “Superfood” Status – by Heidi Gengler

23. Pest and Disease Management Service
23. Cinnamon Mold
24. High Water Temperatures Can Lead to Mushroom Disorders
25. Chairman’s Report – Doug Schirripa
26-27 General Manager’s Report – Greg Seymour

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