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1963, Volume 5AuthorArticle 
Quelques Données Concernant L'azote Dans Les Composts À Champignon De CoucheJ. Delmas and Mme P. Dureau11
Versuchsergebnisse zur Stickstoffbilanz im ChampignonsubstratH. Rlethus210
Influence des Phosphates sur la Production des ChampignonsJ. Solari319
Composition des jus D'expression de Composts pour ChampignonsW. Routchenko423
Preliminary Note on the Analysis of the Composting ProcessH.C. Bels-Koning530
Essais de Methode D'analyse pour les Composts à Champignon de CoucheMme P. Dureau and J. Delmas639
Chemical Composition of Mushroom Compost during Composting and CroppingC.W. Bretzloff and M.S. Fluegel746
Studies on the Composition of Horse Manure Compost from Beginning of Phase II through Mushroom Cropping as Related to Co2 EvolutionH.J. Tschierpe and J.W. Sinden861
Influence of Compost Ph and Casing Soil Ph on Mushroom ProductionW.H. Allison and L.R. Kneebone981
The 16-Day "Normal+75%" Inactive Composting ProcessC.R. Rasmussen1091
Comparative Cropping Experiment between the 7-Day Method of Composting and the 16-Day "Normal + 75%" Inactive ProcessC.R. Rasmussen and K. Dalbro11103
Production of Compost by Thermophilic FungiS. Pope, H. Knaust, and K. Knaust12123
Champignonkultur auf Sterilisiertem Nährsubstrat und die Wiederverwendung von Abgetragenem KompostO. Till13127
Sawdust Compost for Mushroom GrowingS.S. Block and S.N. Rao14134
Compost Odor Control through ChemistryW.C. Mackie and E.J. Weaver15143
Nutrient Supplementation of Mushroom Compost at SpawningL.C. Schisler and J.W. Sinden16150
Some Fungi Appearing Towards the End of CompostingH.C. Bels-Koning, J.P.G. Gerrits, and M.H. Vaandrager17165
Some Practical Aspects of Making Mushroom SpawnB.B. Stoller18170
Techniques for Isolation of Paired Spores from a Single Basidium of the Cultivated MushroomE.B. Lambert and T.T. Ayers19185
Observations on Multisporous Isolates from the Cultivated Mushroom, Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing.C.W. Bretzloff, W.A. Robbins, and J.H. Curme20188
Preliminary Studies of the Possibility of Obtaining Improved Cultures through Mycelial Fusion (Anastomoses)E.J. Moessner21197
Merkmalsubertragung beim KulturchampignonG. Pritsche22204
Mushrooms and Toadstools - Their Growth in Liquid Media Using Deep Culture TechniquesM.A. Espenshade23213
Bestimmung der Agaricus Campestris-Stamme NRRL 2334, 2335, 2336 als Beauveria Tenella (Delacroix, Siemenon)P. Molitoris24218
An International Centre for the Investigation of Mushroom StrainsP.J. Bels25231
A Quantitative Method for the Study of Mushroom Nutrition in the LaboratoryC.W. Bretzloff26241
New Light on Fruit Body InitiationD.C. O'donoghue27247
Transplantation of Sporophores as a New Method for Studying Growth and Nutritional Factors of MushroomsJ.W. Sinden, H.J. Tschierpe and E. Häuser28250
Nutrient Supplementation of Mushroom Compost at CasingJ.W. Sinden and L.C. Schisler29267
Investigation of the Metabolic Gases Produced by Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing.J.D. Lockard and L.R. Kneebone30281
The Development of Mycelial Strands in Relation to Fruiting of the Cultivated Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus)P.B. Flegg31300
Untersuchungen zur Fruchtkörperbildung des KulturchampignonsG. Eger32314
The Effect of Casing Soil on the Shape of the MushroomS.N. Rao and S.S. Block33321
Effects of Pesticides in Casing Soil on Growth and Development of Cultivated MushroomsJ.P. San Antonio and E.B. Lambert34327
Cropping Experiments to Test the Efficiency of Nutrient Translocation by Cultivated MushroomsE.B. Lambert35340
Transportation Capabilities of Mushroom Mycelium Determined by Means of Radioactive IsotopesG. Nielsen and C.R. Rasmussen36348
Automatic Capillary Watering of MushroomsP.B. Flegg37384
Carbon Dioxide Accumulation in Mushroom Compost and Its Influence on Cropping YieldC.R. Rasmussen38390
Valeurs Indiciaires de Quelques Facteurs de Rendement En Matière de Champignon de CoucheJ. Delmas and P. Dureau39415
The Conduct of Yield Experiments with MushroomsD. Cooke and P.B. Flegg40425
The Relation between Careful Mushroom Growing, Cropping Yields and ProfitC.R. Rasmussen41437
Mushroom Yields as Influenced by Degree of Maturity at Time of HarvestL.R. Kneebone and E.C. Mason42448
Air Conditioning - and Its Relation to the Growing of MushroomsB.F. Greenberg43454
Infectivity Studies with "X-Disease"L.R. Kneebone, J.D. Lockard and R.A. Hager44461
Studies on Die-Back of MushroomsD.G. Gandy45468
Importance des Maladies Vermiculaires dans les Champignonnieres FrançaisesJ.-C. Cayrol46480
Eelworms and Mushroom-GrowingJ. Hesling47497
New Materials and Methods for the Control of Mushroom PestsR. Snetsinger48503
The Interaction between Mushroom Mycelium and Insect Pest PopulationsN.W. Hussey and I.J. Wyatt49509
Breakdown of Chlorinated Insecticides in Mushroom CompostJ.P. San Antonio50518
Metabolisme des Acides Organiques dans les Carpophores D'agaricus CampestrisP. Le Roux51525
Preliminary Characterization of the Lipid Constituents of the Cultivated Mushroom Agaricus CampestrisD.H. Hughes52540
Some Factors Influencing Shrinkage of Mushrooms during ProcessingF.J. Mcardle and D. Curwen53547
Mushroom Growing in PolandT. Bukowski54558
Mushroom Growing in HollandP.J. Bels55561
The History, Development and Indebtedness of the Canadian Mushroom IndustryR. Flood56566
The U.S. Mushroom Canning IndustryJ.R. Grey57570
The Market for Mushrooms in the United StatesR.L. Childress58577