Volume 1 Part 1 Article 32: Concluding Remarks by the Chairman

Volume 1 Part 1 Article 32
Year 1951
Title: Concluding Remarks by the Chairman
Author: F.C. Atkins


This first, experimental International Conference on Mushroom Science has been a very great success. There have been about 30 papers heard by some 40 of us from different countries in the past seven days. The majority of us have participated in the open discussions ; the silent ones have told me outside the Conference that they were restrained by a sense of modesty amongst so many “authorities,” and in private conversation they have been very frank and forthcoming. Indeed, I cannot help feeling that—interesting and provocative as many of the papers were—the greatest value of this Conference has been in the personal contacts made and the range and depth of the private talks. Secrecy has been a brake on the progress and development of the Mushroom Industry everywhere. To a limited extent it has been removed in this country—and we have been happy to tell you what we have been and are doing. All of you, in turn, have told us of your work and I do feel that I was right, when I welcomed you a week ago, in suggesting we would all be stimulated. We in this country are proud to have been your hosts on this unique occasion and you carry away with you our very best wishes for the future.

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