Volume 3 Part 1 Article 33: Mechanisation of Tray System in Mushroom Growing

Volume 3 Part 1 Article 33
Year 1957
Title: Mechanisation of Tray System in Mushroom Growing
Author: E.W.B. van den Muuzenberg


The tray system has special advantages if the transport has been mechanised in a good manner. Fred Atkins (1) remarks that of too many growers, who adopted the tray system, can be said that they failed to profit of the major advantage of trays over shelves, which is that certain tasks can be done by machinery whereas on shelves they must be done by hand. If there is no mechanisation Middlebrook (2) may be all right to call it a «turmoil of trays».

In the big American concerns the mechanisation during filling and conveying of the trays is considered as self-evident. In Europe and esoecially in the Netherlands, with its many small plants, one adopted the tray system, but the mechanisation of transport, which is to be seen as an essential part of this system, did not proceed sufficiently. Nevertheless it is to be expected that more and better solutions in the future will be found and therefore it seems to me of importance to discuss this subject on this congress.

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