Volume 14 Part 1 Article 46: An investigation of the incubation phase of a shiitake (Lentinus edodes) culture

Volume 14 Part 1 Article 46
Year 1995
Title: An investigation of the incubation phase of a shiitake (Lentinus edodes) culture
Author: P.R. Kalberer


The long term goal of my investigations is a shiitake cultivation with an economically satisfactory crop yield in a short harvesting period. An understanding of the processes taking place during the incubation phase of the culture is essential in order to achieve this goal. During the incubation phase the rate of C02-production of cultures and the CO2-concentration in the air of these cultures was determined at 3 to 7 days intervals. The crop yield from the logs used for the CO2 measurements was noted. On days 0, 13, 27, 41, 50 and 61 after spawning logs were analysed. Dry matter content was determined and an aliquot of the substrate was extracted. In the substrate extracts pH was measured and the concentrations of reducing sugars and glucose were estimated. Oligosaccharides in the substrate extract were hydrolysed with acid or enzymatically. In the acid hydrolysate reducing sugars, glucose and pentoses and in the enzymatic hydrolysate glucose from oligosaccharides of starch were determined. The rate of glucose production by glucosidases in the substrate extracts which cleave oligosaccharides in the same extracts was measured. These data should serve as a reference in future experiments when different culture conditions are compared.

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