Volume 15 Part 2 Article 58: Personnel management – From employee to co-worker

Volume 15 Part 2 Article 58
Year 2000
Title: Personnel management – From employee to co-worker
Author: M.J.J. Maas


Mushroom farms are getting larger and larger. Human resources are becoming an increasingly important part of management. Employing and keeping staff therefore requires a more professional approach. The right staff at the right place. Managerial style is essential. Changing your staff “from employee to co-worker”.

A practical approach to management, dealing with changes and motivating your staff are the central points. – What is the corporate culmre like and how can it be influenced? – What motivates (picking) staff? – Which instruction method suits what kind of employees?

The managerial style largely determines the method of working. The corporate culmre determines how people handle each other and how they communicate. These factors determine the staffs motivation and therefore their productivity. Paying attention to your staff pays off!

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