Volume 15 Part 1 Article 47: Use of sugarcane bagasse for mushroom and animal feed production

Volume 15 Part 1 Article 47
Year 2000
Title: Use of sugarcane bagasse for mushroom and animal feed production
Authors: I .G. Permana, G. Flachowsky, U.ter Meulen and F.Zadrazil


Sugarcane bagasse supplemented with soybean meal or wheat bran served as valuable substrate for mushroom production by P. sajor-caju, P. eryngii and A. aegerita. Comparable lignin degradation, fruiting body yield and increase in in vitro digestibility, as obtained with other fraditional substrates were achieved. Judging from the above, sugarcane indusfries could source further benefits through recycling of bagasse in the production of mushroom substrate and animal feed, which can be commercialized. The resulting compost can further be incorporated in the soil to boost up the fertility stams of tropical soils. It also then follows that biorecycling of sugarcane bagasse can serve as useful purpose in the developing countries in the mitigation of the impact of climatic stress in agriculmral production through enhanced effective utilization of plant residues. However, the appropriate technology for this bioconversion is a subject for which further smdies are needed.

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