Volume 8 Part 1 Article 21: Quality Evaluation of Frozen Mushrooms

Volume 8 Part 1 Article 21
Year 1972
Title: Quality Evaluation of Frozen Mushrooms
Author: T.R. Gormley


Mushrooms have been canned and dried for many years, but it is only in more recent times that they have been frozen successfully (Astrom and Londahl, 1969). In the fresh state they have a short shelf life and turn brown and desiccate within three or four days (Gormley and Mac Canna, 1967). On blanching and canning they shrink and lose solids (McArdle, et al., 1962) while the dried product is not very attractive (Komanowsky, et al., 1970). Freezing is another alternative (Tressler and Evers, 1957), but the important factor is whether blanching can be dispensed with. If it can, then freezing mushrooms may be economically feasible.

In this paper Freon freezing and air blast freezing are compared on steam blanched and unblanched mushrooms. Whiteness values are given at various stages, i.e., fresh, frozen, after storage in deep freeze and after cooking. Results of tests done on weight losses over the whole freezing process and on the use of citric acid for maintaining whiteness are given.

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