Volume 2 Part 1 Article 18: Current Problems of Mushroom Growing in Great Britain

Volume 2 Part 1 Article 18
Year 1954
Title: Current Problems of Mushroom Growing in Great Britain
Author: F.C. Atkins


The ever-present problem in Great Britain is the maintenance of mushroom research a t Yaxley: growers as a whole are more interested in the results of research than in financing the work. The publication of formulae dispensing with soil as a casing ma teria l is of greater significance to u s than it is to most European growers, and I think it has created sufficient interest to make certain the survival of the Y axley Station until n ext year, at any rate.

A more pressing problem to the individual grower is the steady fall in the price of mushrooms and the opposing tendency of cost of raw materials, particular labour, to rise. Most British growers are on a comparatively small scale (the average a rea is not more than 10.000 sq. ft.) and cost reduction by mechanization is limited . The solution is undoubtedly more efficient production.

Truffle and Dactylium remain, perhaps, the most serious diseases, and Eelworm attacks a re heard of more frequently.

On several farms I know w ell. however, the major enemy is still Bacteria l Pit. A t the opening of the First International Conference at Peterborough I referred to « bacterial attacks of a complex and varied nature which in my view constitute perhaps the most widespread and least studied group of unwelcome visitors ».

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