Volume 16 Part 1 Article 97: Development of a Mushroom Pest and Disease Management Service

Volume 16 Part 1 Article 97
Year 2004
Title: Development of a Mushroom Pest and Disease Management Service
Authors: G.K. Seymour, B. Warren, N. McGilvray, A. Clift, J. Allan and M. Daniels


The Australian Mushroom Growers Association has developed an innovative and highly acclaimed pest and disease management service (PDMS) for the Australian mushroom industry. PDMS has established a strategic pest and disease management capability for the industry, providing individual growers with a comprehensive management support service from diagnosis to control. Key features of the “farmer friendly” PDMS are described and their evolution and development discussed. Features covered include the diagnosis and grower support system, knowledge base, databases, service functionality and flexibility, industry ownership and human resources. PDMS opened for business in October 2003. Responses from stakeholders during the previous six months of testing were extremely positive, and 25% of the growers in the industry had joined the service after one month of operation. It is projected that 70% of the grower market will have joined the service within the year.

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