Volume 16 Part 1 Article 86: Ganoderma lucidum: A Novel Addition to Modern Medicine

Volume 16 Part 1 Article 86
Year 2004
Title: Ganoderma lucidum: A Novel Addition to Modern Medicine
Authors: N.R. Shah and B.N. Shah


Ganoderma lucidum has been coined the “King of Herbs, Mushrooms and Adaptogens”. With an array of more than 200 bioactive elements, it has a unique role in enhancing disease defense mechanisms and maintaining homeostasis. The declining worldwide health scenario, despite modern advances in medicine, warrants the approach of bolstering the natural disease defense mechanisms in humans. Ganoderma lucidum could play a major role in this modern approach to achieving and maintaining health. However, little compelling data are available supporting the efficacy of G. lucidum in various clinical situations. Consequently, a study of 4,210 human cases was undertaken over a period of 25 months to explore the medicinal qualities of this mushroom species. The cases included a large majority of clinical situations, literally from head to toe, acute to chronic, common to rare and encompassing all bodily functions. Cases were followed up on a regular basis and exacting records were maintained. Conventional approaches augmented with dietary supplements of G. lucidum led to surprisingly and vastly improved patient outcomes. Considering various parameters, the overall response rate was 84%. The results of this study suggested that G. lucidum could play an important role in modern medicine.

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