Volume 16 Part 1 Article 68: Oxidative Processes in Agaricus bisporus Dry Bubbles

Volume 16 Part 1 Article 68
Year 2004
Title: Oxidative Processes in Agaricus bisporus Dry Bubbles
Authors: J.M. Savoie, S. Juarez del Carmen, C. Billette and M.L. Largeteau


Verticillium fungicola perturbs Agaricus bisporus by inducing the formation of malformed sporocarps (dry bubbles). Both fungi were detected in dry bubbles by PCR amplification targeting ribosomal sequences. Verticillium fungicola did not produce polyphenol oxidases (PPOs). Tyrosinases were the dominant PPOs in sporocarps, whereas laccases were detected in dry bubbles, vegetative mycelium and primordia of A. bisporus. Moreover, the electrophoretic mobilities of the enzymes were affected. Verticillium fungicola acts on A. bisporus by arresting its development at the primordium stage, while continued growth of both host and pathogen mycelia results in deformed sporocarps. By comparing genetically related A. bisporus strains having various susceptibilities to V. fungicola, we found no correlation with hydrogen peroxide content of healthy sporocarps. However, higher hydrogen peroxide concentrations were observed in bubbles of the less susceptible strains, suggesting a stronger host response to the pathogen relating to oxidative processes was involved in resistance. The role of oxidative processes in interaction between A. bisporus and V. fungicola will be discussed.

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