Volume 16 Part 1 Article 6: Inheritance of the Haploid Fruiting Ability in Agaricus bisporus

Volume 16 Part 1 Article 6
Year 2004
Title: Inheritance of the Haploid Fruiting Ability in Agaricus bisporus
Authors: C. Couture, A. Michel, M. Imbernon and P. Callac


Agaricus bisporus var. eurotetrasporus was recently described for rare homothallic and tetrasporic specimens collected in Europe. In this variety, all of the spores gave rise to fertile homokaryons. Here, we analyzed the offspring from an intervarietal hybrid between the Bs 423 isolate of the novel variety and the U1 cultivar from the pseudohomothallic and bisporic var. bisporus. Among 100 single-spore isolates, 90% were homokaryotic and, among the homokaryotic offspring, 24% produced haploid fruiting bodies that were genotypically confirmed using PCR markers. This was thought to be an underestimate, because some homokaryons were unable to efficiently invade the compost in the fruiting test and because of uncontrolled A. bisporus contaminantion. The putative genetic determinant (s) for haploid fruiting was not located, but data showed that it was not linked to either the MAT or BSN locus.

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