Volume 16 Part 1 Article 53: MVX Disease and Double-stranded RNA Elements in Agaricus bisporus

Volume 16 Part 1 Article 53
Year 2004
Title: MVX Disease and Double-stranded RNA Elements in Agaricus bisporus
Authors: B. Adie, I. Choi, A. Soares, S. Holcroft, D.C. Eastwood, A. Mead, H.M. Grogan, R.W. Kerrigan, M. Challen and P.R. Mills


Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) elements are associated with mushroom virus X (MVX) disease of Agaricus bisporus. MVX comprises a wide range of symptoms, including bare cropping areas on production beds (primordia disruption), crop delay, premature veil opening, off- or brown-colored mushrooms, sporophore malformations and loss of yield and quality. A total of 26 dsRNAs, ranging between 0.64 and 20.2 kbp and occurring in various combinations, are associated with MVX-affected mushrooms, three of which (16.2, 9.4 and 2.4 kbp) are routinely found in mushrooms asymptomatic for MVX. Hitherto, sequence information generated from the dsRNAs shows novelty and suggests that MVX comprises a complex of more than one virus. Work is in progress to characterize the MVX dsRNA elements, identify the type and number of viruses, and develop PCR-based diagnostic tests and control strategies. Progress in molecular characterization and transmission of the dsRNAs will be reported.

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