Volume 16 Part 1 Article 50: Rehydration Characteristics of Dried Pleurotus florida

Volume 16 Part 1 Article 50
Year 2004
Title: Rehydration Characteristics of Dried Pleurotus florida
Authors: T. Arumuganathan, R.D. Rai, C. Indurani, B.L. Dhar and A.K. Hemakar


Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus spp.) are often dried to cater to consumers during the off-season as well as for transport to distant markets. The processed mushrooms are rehydrated and used directly in cooking. Thus, the quality of the dehydrated products, expressed in terms of rehydration texture, color and flavor, is of utmost importance. Oyster mushroom (P. florida) was dehydrated by various drying methods, including sun-drying, fluidized bed-drying, cabinet air-drying, osmo-air drying and freeze-drying and then assessed for its rehydration ratio, co-efficient of rehydration, pH, TSS, moisture content and organoleptic qualities. Mushroom samples dehydrated by all of the methods tested reconstituted well and were comparable to freshly boiled oyster mushrooms, although the mushrooms dehydrated by sun-drying and freeze-drying showed the best rehydration characteristics and the highest rehydration ratios of 1:6.74 and 1:8.7, respectively. Rehydrated mushrooms were used in the preparation of various recipes and were found acceptable by a panel of judges in an organoleptic evaluation.

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