Volume 16 Part 1 Article 40: Growing Auricularia auricular in Bags on the Ground

Volume 16 Part 1 Article 40
Year 2004
Title: Growing Auricularia auricular in Bags on the Ground
Authors: Y.C. Liu and D.L. Wang


As a traditional Chinese delicacy, Auricularia auricular (jelly-ear fungus) is valued for its high nutritional qualities. The conventional method for cultivating A. auricular is laborious, requiring a large volume of natural wood logs. Herein, we describe a new method of cultivation using a synthetic substrate. A mixture of sawdust and cornstalk, which was packed into plastic bags and maintained on the ground, was substituted for natural logs. Using this growing scheme, fruiting bodies developed faster and more abundantly when compared to the traditional log system. In essence, a growing environment imitating the natural conditions was created, while strains were bred, screened and spawn prepared using modern biotechnological methods, and the efficiency of production was increased through the use of mechanized procedures. The fruiting bodies produced by this method had wide, thick caps and a dark black color. Their marketability was comparable or exceeded that of the product grown on natural logs. Our growing technique promises a means for the economical mass production of A. auricular.

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