Volume 16 Part 1 Article 21: Molecular Phylogeny of Agaricus Species

Volume 16 Part 1 Article 21
Year 2004
Title: Molecular Phylogeny of Agaricus Species
Authors: J. Geml, D.M. Geiser and D.J. Royse


Phylogenetic analyses of 35 isolates of 29 Agaricus species were conducted based on sequence data of the internal transcribed spacers of the nuclear rDNA repeat. Five distinct clades were found within the genus with varying levels of support: Clade I (A. abruptibulbus, A. albolutescens, A. arvensis, A. augustus, A. blazei, A. diminitivus, A. excellens, A. fissuratus, A. macrocarpus, A. macrosporus, A. nivescens, A. semotus, A. subrufescens and A. subrutilescens); Clade II (A. campestris, A. cupreo-brunneus and A. langei); Clade III (A. fuscovelatus and A. lilaceps); Clade IV (A. bernardii, A. bisporus, A. bitorquis, A. devoniensis and A. subfloccosus); and Clade V (A. californicus, A. hondensis, A. pocillator and A. xanthoderma). These monophyletic groups suggested interspecific relationships both confirming and challenging previous morphological sections in several cases.

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