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2004, Volume 16AuthorArticle 
Bioactive Components in Agaricus bisporus of Nutritional, Medicinal or Biological ImportanceR.B. Beelman, D.J. Royse and N. Chikthimmah11
Organic Matter Transformations in Compost During Mushroom Cropping and Postcrop WeatheringB. Chefetz and P.G. Hatcher217
Anti-cancer Activities of White Button MushroomsS. Chen325
Trait Diversity in Wild Agaricus bisporusR.W. Kerrigan431
Safety and Efficacy Substantiation of Fungal Products for the Nutraceutical IndustryA.G. Schauss539
Inheritance of the Haploid Fruiting Ability in Agaricus bisporusC. Couture, A. Michel, M. Imbernon and P. Callac645
Expression Profiles of Key Genes in Agaricus bisporus Postharvest Development of Fruiting BodiesD.C. Eastwood, M.J. Sergeant, A. Mead and K.S. Burton753
Tools for Agaricus and Coprinus Transformation and Analysis of Gene ExpressionG.D. Foster, C. Burns, A. Bailey, M. Challen, T. Elliott and K.S. Burton859
Superoxide Dismutase-Mushrooms Under Stress!J. Henderson, D.C. Eastwood, N. Bains and K.S. Burton967
Diverse Retrotransposons in Agaricus bisporusR.W. Kerrigan, A.J. Velcko Jr., J.L. Thomas, J.S. McGrady, C.M. Chisholm and M.P. Wach1075
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of the Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Gene in Flammulina velutipesC.Y. Kuo, S.Y. Chuo, C.H. Ling, C.S. Chen, R.S. Hseu and C.T. Huang1185
Progress in Agaricus bisporus Transformation: Agrobacterium Methodologies and Development of Novel Marker GenesK. Leach, V. Odon, C. Zhang, H.K. Kim, J. Henderson, P. Warner, M. Challen and T. Elliott1293
Molecular Analysis of Breeding Behavior in Agaricus SpeciesY. Li, M. Challen, T. Elliott and L. Casselton13103
Effect of CaCO3 on Morchella Growth and Sclerotia FormationS. Masaphy14111
Fruiting Body Gene Transfer Method for Agaricus bisporus Potentiates Crop Improvement and ‘Pharmining’C.P. Romaine, X. Chen and C. Schlagnhaufer15117
Genes Associated with Mushroom MorphogenesisS. Sreenivasaprasad, N. Browning, S. Molloy, C. Fleming-Archibald, M. Vitel and K.S. Burton16125
Thermotolerance-related Genes in Agaricus bisporusZ. Wang, L. Chen, M. Chen, J. Liao, J. Dong and S. Song17133
Prototype of a Sporeless Oyster MushroomJ.J.P. Baars, P.M. Hendrickx and A.S.M. Sonnenberg18139
Genetic Variability of Flammulina velutipes and Pleurotus ostreatus Collections from ArmeniaS.M. Badalyan and K.W. Hughes19149
The Species of Edible Mushrooms in ChinaM.M. Chen20155
Molecular Phylogeny of Agaricus SpeciesJ. Geml, D.M. Geiser and D.J. Royse21165
Development of a New Strain by Backcross Mating and Molecular Marker-assisted Selection in Flammulina velutipesW.S. Kong, Y.H. Cho, C.S. Jhune, Y.B. Yoo and K.H. Kim22175
Spawn Viability and Mushroom Production in Pleurotus Strains Frozen for Eight Years in Liquid NitrogenG. Mata, D. Salmones and R. Gaitán-Hernández23185
Investigation of Mushroom Substrate Odors by Chemical and Olfactory MethodsG. Duns and D.L. Rinker24193
Effect of Ammonia Suppressants Used in Poultry Litter on Composting and Mushroom ProductionR. Gonzalez-Matute and D.L. Rinker25203
Nitrogen Sources and C/N Ratio on Yield of Agaricus blazeiJ. Kopytowski Filho and M.T. Minhoni26213
Protocols for Maintenance of Near Infrared Calibrations for Quality Assessment of Mushroom CompostH.S.S. Sharma27221
Changes in the Quality of Mushroom Compost During the Last DecadeH.S.S. Sharma, M. Kilpatrick, G. Lyons, J. Murray, S. Moore, L. Cheung, K. Finegan, S. Sturgeon and R. Mellon28229
Processing and Composition of Mushroom CompostG. Straatsma29241
Production of Organic Compost for Agaricus bisporusP.C.C. Van Loon, J. Baar and G. Straatsma30247
Degradation of Pesticides During Mushroom Composting and ProductionJ.H. Yang and D.L. Rinker31253
Cultivation of Mushrooms on Polyurethane Foam Prepared from Liquefied Sugi BarkT. Ashitani, U. Tateishi, K. Sakai and S. Ohga32261
Digitaria decumbens Grass Substrate Prepared by Alkaline Immersion for Culture of Pleurotus spp.F. Coutiño, L. Jiménez, J.E. Sánchez and D.J. Royse33267
Growing Lepista nuda: A Summary of Three Years of Research and ExperienceB. Desrumaux, P. Sedeyn, M. Demeulemeester and A. Calus34273
Reducing the Pin Number in an Agaricus Culture with Sodium ChlorideB. Desrumaux, P. Sedeyn, M. Demeulemeester and A. Calus35281
Organic Mushroom Production Through Improved Substrate Fermentation Process and Cultural PracticesB.L. Dhar, O.P. Ahlawat, A. Nath and J.K. Dubey36289
Calculating Airflow in Multi-tiered Growing SystemsJ. Grant37297
Simplified Cultivation of Pleurotus spp. on Coffee PulpC. Jaramillo López and N. Rodríguez Valencia38303
Cultivation of Shiitake on Coffee WasteC. Jaramillo López, N. Rodríguez Valencia and S.T. Chang39307
Growing Auricularia auricular in Bags on the GroundY.C. Liu and D.L. Wang40313
Progress of Xiang-Gu (Shiitake) Cultivation in ChinaX.C. Luo41317
Volume 16 Part 1 Article 42: Reducing Variability in Mushroom Cropping ExperimentsA. Mead and R. Noble42323
Use of Fine Particle Tailings in Mushroom CasingR. Noble and A. Dobrovin-Pennington43335
Utilization of Pulsed Power to Stimulate Fructification of Edible MushroomsS. Ohga, N.S. Cho, Y. Li and D.J. Royse44343
Influence of the Addition of Soybean Supplements to the Compost on the Yield of Agaricus bisporusB.F. Petrenko and N.A. Bisko45353
Manganese Sulfate Additions Increase Mushroom (Pleurotus cornucopiae) Yield in Delayed Release Nutrient supplemented Cottonseed Hull/Wheat Straw SubstrateD.J. Royse, R.B. Beelman and D.A. Weil46359
Effect of Adding a Micronutrient-rich Supplement to Compost on Yield and Quality of Agaricus bisporusD.A. Weil, R.B. Beelman and D.M. Beyer47365
Agaricus bisporus: Temperature Management for Cultures and Spawn RunP.J. Wuest, T.R. Hetrick and V. Wilkinson48373
Biology, Cultivation and Utilization of Pleurotus SpeciesF. Zadrazil, G. Compare and R. Maziero49383
Rehydration Characteristics of Dried Pleurotus floridaT. Arumuganathan, R.D. Rai, C. Indurani, B.L. Dhar and A.K. Hemakar50393
Cultural Factors Affecting Mushroom Quality Cause and Control of BruisingK.S. Burton51397
Mushroom Flavor Biogenesis in Agaricus bisporusE. Combet, K.S. Burton, D.C. Eastwood, G. Griffiths and J. Henderson52403
MVX Disease and Double-stranded RNA Elements in Agaricus bisporusB. Adie, I. Choi, A. Soares, S. Holcroft, D.C. Eastwood, A. Mead, H.M. Grogan, R.W. Kerrigan, M. Challen and P.R. Mills53411
Evaluation of Fungicide Tolerance and Control for Three Fungal Diseases of MushroomsD. M. Beyer and J.J. Kremser54421
Natural and Organo-synthetic Products to Control Lentinula edodes Competitors on Eucalyptus saligna LogsF.S. Bueno, A. Ferreira da Eira, M. Furlan and P.F. Neto55431
Causal Agents of Bacterial Blotch on Cultivated Agaricus bisporus in CanadaA.J. Castle, D. Sivanesan, C. Dobbin and D.L. Rinker56441
Green Mold Harbored by Wood: Post-crop Steaming and PreservativesN.J. Catlin, P.J. Wuest and D.M. Beyer57449
Flies and Dry Bubble on Cultivated MushroomsA. Clift, A. Shamshad and M.A. Terras58459
Etiological Aspects and Treatment of Janthinobacterium agaricidamnosum in Agaricus bisporusB. Desrumaux, P. Sedeyn, J. Van Vaerenbergh, M. Demeulemeester and A. Calus59465
Effect of Timing and Rate of Application on the Selectivity of Famoxadone and Trifloxystrobin for Verticillium fungicola on Agaricus bisporusP. Diamantopoulou, A. Philippoussis, M.A. Kastanias and M. Chrysayi-Tokousbalides60475
Investigation of the Interaction Between Verticillium fungicola and Agaricus bisporusG.D. Foster, R. Amey, A. Bailey and P.R. Mills61479
Transmission of Mushroom Virus X Disease in CropsH. M. Grogan, N. Tomprefa, J. Mulcahy, S. Holcroft and R.H. Gaze62489
Influence of Cultural Parameters on the Growth and Sporulation of Cladobotryum dendroides: The Pathogen of Cobweb on MushroomsS. Jandaik, D.S. Guleria and Y.S. Parmar63499
Effect of Cladobotryum dendroides on the Yield of Agaricus bisporus: Inoculum Factors and Timing of InfectionS. Jandaik, D.S. Guleria and Y.S. Parmar64503
Molecular Genetic Analysis of Double-stranded RNA Viruses in Agaricus bisporusM. Kuang, M.M. Goodin, C. Schlagnhaufer, B. Schlagnhaufer and C.P. Romaine65507
Agaricus Susceptibility to Verticillium fungicolaM.L. Largeteau, A. Rodier, T. Rousseau, S. Juarez del Carmen, R. Védie and J.M. Savoie66515
Behavior of Prochloraz in Mushroom CasingG. Papadopoulos, H.M. Grogan, A. Walker and M. Wood67525
Oxidative Processes in Agaricus bisporus Dry BubblesJ.M. Savoie, S. Juarez del Carmen, C. Billette and M.L. Largeteau68527
Bacterial Rot of Shiitake (Lentinula edodes)O.V. Shulga, B. Kirchhoff, N.A. Goncharenko and A.P. Gryganski69537
Browning of Mushrooms and the Presence of Viral Double-stranded RNA in Dutch MushroomsA.S.M. Sonnenberg and B. Lavrijssen70541
Response of Trichoderma and Pleurotus to Extracts of Cypress LeavesJ.K. Yang, B.K. Lim, G. Alm and D.L. Rinker71547
Chemical Composition and Enzymatic Activity of Spent Paddy Straw and Oyster Mushroom SubstratesO.P. Ahlawat, K. Ahlawat, C. Indurani, B. Vijay and B.L. Dhar72553
Reuse of Substrate in Specialty Mushroom ProductionG. Babcock73559
Evaluation of 10-Oxo-Trans-8-Decenoic Acid in Combination with Conventional Acidulants to Reduce Escherichia coli O157:H7 Populations in Apple CiderJ.E. Comes, N. Chikthimmah, D. Beckert and R.B. Beelman74565
Bioremediation by Laccases from Lentinula edodesM. Nagai, T. Sato and H. Enei75573
Use of Spent Mushroom Compost as a Substrate for Plant Growth and Against Plant Infections Caused by Phytophthora spp.A. Philippoussis, G.I. Zervakis, P. Diamantopoulou, K. Papadopoulou and C. Ehaliotis76579
Spent Mushroom Compost as an Alternative for Casing SoilH. Riahi and A. Arab77585
Expression of Novel Genes in Agaricus bisporus Using an Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation TechniqueA.J. Velcko Jr., R.W. Kerrigan, L.A. MacDonald, M.P. Wach, C. Schlagnhaufer and C.P. Romaine78591
Bioconversion of Some Agro-processing Waste Through Pleurotus ProductionM.R. Youri, K. Tano-Debrah, M. Obodai and J.F. Smith79599
Mushrooms for Molecular PharmingC. Zhang, V. Odon, H.K. Kim, M. Challen, K.S. Burton, D. Hartley and T. Elliott80611
Biologically Active Substances from Mycelia of Ganoderma lucidum and Lentinula edodesN.A. Bisko, V.T. Bilay, V.G. Babitskaya, V.V. Scherba, N.Y. Mitropolskaya and T.A. Puchkova81619
Mushroom Cultivation: Building Mold ContaminationA.W. Chen and M. Moy82625
Effect of Agaricus brasiliensis Dietary Supplementation on NK Cell Count in Cancer PatientsJ.L. Gennari, R. Veronesi, J. Felippe Jr., M.S. Gennari and S. Percário83633
Orthomolecular Medicine and Mushroom Consumption – An Attractive Aspect for Promoting ProductionJ.I. Lelley and J. Vetter84637
The Anti-androgenic Effect of Ganoderma lucidumJ. Liu, K. Shimizu, F. Konishi, K. Noda, S. Kumamoto, C. Ueda, H. Tajiri, S. Kaneko, Y. Suimi and R. Kondo85645
Ganoderma lucidum: A Novel Addition to Modern MedicineN.R. Shah and B.N. Shah86653
Use of Ganoderma tsugae for the Treatment of Human Chronic Skin UlcersC.H. Su, B.W. Lin, S.Y. Yu and S.W. Liu87659
Analysis of Consumer Buying Behavior for Fresh ShiitakeC. Bing and L. Li88663
Benefits of Keeping the Consumer in FocusM. Brownlee and G.K. Seymour89671
Mushroom Temperature Under Three Distribution ScenariosA. Hicks, Y. Wang and J. Leshuk90679
Mushroom Practices and Production in Latin America: 1994-2002O. Lahman and D.L. Rinker91681
Consumption of Edible Mushrooms in Developing Countries: The Case of MexicoY. Mayett, D. Martínez-Carrera, M. Sánchez, A. Macías, S. Mora and A. Estrada92687
Market Research as a Strategic WeaponG.K. Seymour and M. Brownlee93697
A Research Program for Evaluating Concepts for New Mushroom ProductsJ.L. Stanton and L.A. Tucci94703
Survey of Pesticide Use in the Australian Mushroom IndustryJ. Allan and A. Clift95707
Managing Cobweb Disease in AustraliaJ.T. Fletcher, J. Allan and G.K. Seymour96711
Development of a Mushroom Pest and Disease Management ServiceG.K. Seymour, B. Warren, N. McGilvray, A. Clift, J. Allan and M. Daniels97717
Agora: A Pest and Disease Management System for MushroomsB. Warren, N. McGilvray, G.K. Seymour, A. Clift, J. Allan and M. Daniels98727