Mushroom Business: Issue #56 – December 2012

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With this year speeding to its end, 2012 will for sure be noted in the annals of mushrooms as being a memorable one. With various conferences held all over the world, the 18th ISMS congress in Beijing was probably the highlight. Being part of the event was an unforgettable experience in all respects. Coming home with a 1000 page hard copy of the proceedings is a reminder of the many very interesting papers and posters delivered. The intriguing part is that since ISMS started back in 1950, research on mushrooms has gone far and beyond compost, casing and diseases of Agaricus. For a country being the world’s largest consumer and producer of edible fungi to host the biggest congress on the mushroom calendar, showcased a fascinating variety of research topics. It created the perfect opportunity for also the Chinese researchers from over 100 institutes, universities and associations to present their work.

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