Volume 13 Part 2 Article 54: The Biggest Mushroom Farm in the World

Volume 13 Part 2 Article 54
Year 1991
Title: The Biggest Mushroom Farm in the World
Author: RJ.C. Vedder


The biggest mushroom farm in the world is situated in the mountains of middle Java, in Indonesia. On a compost, make out of bagasse, they daily grow over 100 tons of Agaricus mushrooms in more than 2000 growing sheds. Besides this, they produce in the area over 40 tons of straw mushrooms (Volvariella) per day. The entire production is processed in their own canneries for export, mainly to the U.S., via the big food-company Green Giant. The mushroom company, part of P.T. Mantrust in Jakarta, employes over 8000 people and plays therefore a very important role in the development of that relatively poor area. The company also has set up 2 satellite projects where 1100 young farmers have their own small mushroomfarm, receiving the full-grown compost etc. from the motherfacility and deliver the mushrooms to the company’s cannery. One of the very positive side effects of the mushroom production is also that the productivity of the exhausted soil in that region improved a lot since the huge amount of spent compost became available.

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