Volume 13 Part 2 Article 33: Preservation of Oyster Mushrooms by Lactic Acid Fermentation

Volume 13 Part 2 Article 33
Year 1991
Title: Preservation of Oyster Mushrooms by Lactic Acid Fermentation
Authors: M. Kreß and J. Lelley


Programms for cultivation of oyster mushrooms in tropical climates are only successful if combined with suitable preservation techniques For this reason we studied the lactic acid fermentation of oyster mushrooms by using 3 and 7 days old brine from an active sauerkraut fermentation as a starter. In this case, at a fermentation temperature of 21°C, pH levels of 3,64 and 3,31 and concentrations of total acidity of 0,55 % and 0,71% were attained after 10 days. If mushrooms were fermented together with fresh shredded cabbage, lactic acid bacteria grew up to lO8 cells/ml brine within 24 hours. The pH level of 4,1, which is regarded as microbiologically critical, was passed the 2nd day of fermentation. The acid concentration in brine was 1,21% after 10 days. The product tasted either mild, pleasant and resembled to sauerkraut, or too sour, dependent on the acid content. At storage temperatures of 40C and 25-30°C the product was stable for 6 months. It was not necessary to pasteurize the mushrooms before storage A loss of quality was observed during storage period.

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