Volume 13 Part 2 Article 19: The Life History of Termitomyces Albuminosus (Berk) Heim

Volume 13 Part 2 Article 19
Year 1991
Title: The Life History of Termitomyces Albuminosus (Berk) Heim
Authors: Chen Chuyun and Wen Zhiqiang


This paper studies the life history of T. albuminosus (Berk) Heim. Both hyphae and small white spherical structures were formed on a synthetic medium from isolated spores and from the little white spheres. It was proven that the small white ball is a developing stage in the life cycle of Termitomyces. Following staining with bloodwood or HCE Giemsa, hymenium and hyphae were observed under an OLYMPUS microscope. Scanning tests were carried out and the digestive tracts of Odontotermes formosanus was dissected and examined with scope. The result showed that the hypha with one Sclerotium, which had germinated from the basidiospore of Termitomyces, developed into one with two sclerotia after clamp connection, and then a small white ball-like structure was formed. It was difficult for a sporocarp to develop on the medium. The small white sphere was formed on the sympodial and crossing hyphae on the ant’s nest and finally developed into the primordium. Termitomyces emerged from the soil and grew into a sporocarp under suitable environmental conditions. In this way Termitomyces completed their life cycle. This research has dealt with the life history of Termitomyces particularly in relation to agamogenesis.

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