Volume 13 Part 2 Article 17: Improvement of Pleurotus cultivation

Volume 13 Part 2 Article 17
Year 1991
Title: Improvement of Pleurotus cultivation
Authors: G. Houdeau, J.M. Olivier, S. Libmond and H. Bawadikji


Using the INRA technology for Pleurotus cultivation (Laborde et al 1984), experiments were carried out to improve the technical aspects of substrate preparation. Wheat straw is the basic element of our substrate. Its quality depends on the cereal growing conditions (soil, climate…). Pesticides applied during wheat cultivation and mineral contents of straw are considered in relation to yields of Pleurotus. Effect on substrate selectivity and microbial activity as affected by several techniques (water soaking of straw, thermal controls during spawn run) is considered. Supplementation at spawning is a way to improve yields, but it can alter the microbial populations. Mushroom production can be much higher, but pathological disorders may occur, and particularly when the control of temperatures during spawn run is unsatisfactory.

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