Volume 13 Part 2 Article 14: Cultivation of Pleurotus Species during Winter in India

Volume 13 Part 2 Article 14
Year 1991
Title: Cultivation of Pleurotus Species during Winter in India
Authors: R.C. Upadhyay and B.Vijay


Traditionally in India Pleurotus sp. (oyster mushroom) is cultivated during summer. When the temperature (22-280C) is most favourable for the myceUal growth and fructification. Cultivation of some Pleurotus species namely P. ostreatus, P. sp. cfr. Florida, P. comucopiae, P. fossulatus and P. eryngii were tried during low temperature conditions (12-160C). Among the different Pleurotus spp., P. sp. cfr Florida and P. comucopiae performed excellent (94 and 65% B. E.) followed by P. ostreatus and P. fossulatus (35 and 32% B. E.) on unsupplemented chemically sterilized wheat straw. However P. eiyngii failed to produce fruit bodies on unsupplemented straw. Effect of addition of various nitrogen supplements to substrate was also tried. Wheat bran, rice bran and cotton seed meal @ 5 and 10% (dry weight of the straw) and Brewers grain @ 10 and 20% (pretreated with 2% formaldehyde solution) were supplemented with wheat straw before spawmng. All the species behaved differently with addition of above supplements. Dried Brewers grain @ 20% gave highest yield with P. eryngii and P. fossulatus (73 and 43% B. E.) followed by cotton seed meal. However rice bran @ 5% was found superior to other supplements with P. ostreatus.

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