Volume 13 Part 1 Article 8: A new system for identifying cultures of Ganoderma species

Volume 13 Part 1 Article 8
Year 1991
Title: A new system for identifying cultures of Ganoderma species
Authors: Ruey-Shyang Hseu and Hsi-Hua Wang


Most published scientific papers on Ganoderma lucidum describe research on the taxonomy system of the fruiting body, its chemical composition, its use in medicine, and the problems caused by its pathogenic effect on trees. Very little research, however exists on the clear identification of Ganoderma isolates. During the course of the research, it has been found that this lack of a clear identification system of Ganoderma isolates has led to incorrect naming of Ganoderma species. The greatest confusion exists between the two species G. lucidum and G. tsugae. As so much scientific and commercial research is being conducted on Ganoderma species, it is important for these researchers to be able to clearly identify differnet species and their isolates.

Parameters used m this research are as follows: 1. Morphology (colony, mycelium, fruiting body, basidiospores) 2. Growth rate of colony 3. Biological efficiency on sawdust medium 4. Extracellular hydrolytic enzymes assay by API-ZYM kets 5. Electrophoretic patterns of extracellular laccase isozymes 6. Di-Mon mating and incompataibility test 7. Restriction fragment length polymorphisms in total DNA

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