Volume 13 Part 1 Article 7: Molecular analysis of enzymes of Agaricus bisporus

Volume 13 Part 1 Article 7
Year 1991
Title: Molecular analysis of enzymes of Agaricus bisporus
Authors: D.A. Wood, N. Claydon, K.S. Burton, S.E. Matcham, M. Allan, C. Pferry, C.E. Thurston, S. Raguz and E. Yague


Agaricus bisporus is cultivated on composted wheat straw. Although the basic breeding system of the fungus is now understood there are still several obstacles to the use of standard methods of microbial strain improvement based on cycles of mutation and selection. Advances in studies of the physiology and biochemistry of Agaricus have allowed the identification of target genes that would be of interest to manipulate in a strain improvement programme. These include genes regulating the production of both extracellular and intracellular mycelial and fruit body enzymes. Certain of these enzymes are of further significance since they are developmentally regulated at various life cycle stages. Protein purification and antibody production has been achieved for several of these enzymes. The antibodies have allowed identification of these genes in cDNA libraries and in certain cases the genes have been partially sequenced. This information is being used to analyse the regulation of mushroom gene expression during mycelial growth and fruiting. Isolation of mushroom genes will also underpin the development and application of a DNA transformation system for this fungus.

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