Volume 13 Part 1 Article 57: Experimental control of bacterial blotch by bacteriophages

Volume 13 Part 1 Article 57
Year 1991
Title: Experimental control of bacterial blotch by bacteriophages
Authors: P. Munsch, J.M. Olivier and G. Houdeau


Recent experimentations have confirmed the efficiency of a biological control of bacterial blotch (agent Pseudomonas tolaasii) using specific bacteriophages ; as previously reported by GuiUaumes et al, (1988). More information has been collected including TEM observation of the phages, kinetic of lytic action, specificity … The more efficient virus is a typical “T type” phage without any lytic effect on Pseudomonas putida, P.fluorescens sensus stricto and other. This selected phage has been used for biological control under experimental conditions (bags filled with 4 kg of spawned compost each), alone or mixed with an antagonistic bacteria (P. fluorescens) previously described (Olivier and GuiUaumes, 198l). In these medium scale experiments, a 70% reduction of the crop losses can be achieved with the phages sprayed on the casing soil. Different problems have to be solved before going through larger experiments; possibility of lysogeny, resistance of P. tolaasii to phages, validity under other environmental conditions, effect on Pseudomonas involved in the browning process during shelf-life.

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