Volume 13 Part 1 Article 35: Factors in mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) compost productivity

Volume 13 Part 1 Article 35
Year 1991
Title: Factors in mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) compost productivity
Authors: T. Cormican and L. Staunton


Over 200 compost samples from a number of composting facilities were tested over a two year year period to determine factors influencing compost productivity in plastic bag production. A range of laboratory tests both physical and chemical were done on each batch of compost which was then tested for productivity so that correlations could be established. The productivity of composts from individual composters and between composters varied and no factor was consistently associated with this. However high moisture content (>70%) especially in decomposed composts tended to reduce yield Ammoma levels above 0 15% consistently resulted in yield reduction, while the effect of nitrogen levels was inconsistent No single measurable factor has yet been found to quantify compost productivity.

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