Volume 13 Part 1 Article 26: One-day Phase I & II: Mushrooms from less

Volume 13 Part 1 Article 26
Year 1991
Title: One-day Phase I & II: Mushrooms from less
Author: R.H. Kurtzman Jr.


“Liquid compost” is made by wetting straw with a diluted hot fermented liquid. The equivalent of Phase II is complete the next day and the “liquid compost” is ready to spawn. Dry weight shrinkage during “composting” is only about 10% and most ofthat is leached into the excess liquid. The excess liquid is refermented and a new compost can be made every day using only one fermentor. Most of the odor from the fermentor can be controlled by gradual addition of ingredients and by control of the pH and O2. Much of the remaining odor can be trapped. High mushroom yields are possible because most or the organic matter is readily metabolised by the mushrooms. Weed fungi tend to be excluded readily, as with well pasteurized ordinary compost. A good compost will be white in color when it is completely run with spawn.

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