Volume 4 Part 1 Article 55: The New Dutch Mushroom Experiment Station

Volume 4 Part 1 Article 55
Year 1960
Title: The New Dutch Mushroom Experiment Station
Author: P.J. Bels


Horticulture is an important item in Dutch economy, with an output of 1 milliard guilders.

Since the second world war it has been one of the major concerns of the (Dutch) government to take care of research, vocational training and extension work, in the field of agriculture and especially horticulture.

Experience has shown that growers can take much advantage of this type of work. And our market gardeners (vegetable and fruit growers, as well as flower-, bulb- and seed-growers) are well aware of it.

In the beginning, that is 1943-1948, mushroom growers did not belong to this group of the population. But the more mushroom-growing was taken up by the horticulturists, the more grew the general understanding that research and advisory work would be beneficial also in this branch.

In 1956 representatives of the mushroom growers got in touch with the government officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and discussed the possibilities for the institution of experimental work, vocational training and an advisory service.

After some correspondence, several meetings and discussions, it became obvious to the head of the Research Department of the Horticultural Section of the Ministry that the growers, supported by horticultural and agricultural societies, auctions, as well as by provincial and municipal administrations, meant bussiness and were going to finance a considerable part of the setting up and maintenance of a research station, if the Government would help also. Following the practice with other research stations, the government promised to provide 50% of the costs of maintenance.

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