Volume 4 Part 1 Article 53: Some Ideas about Mushroom Houses

Volume 4 Part 1 Article 53
Year 1960
Title: Some Ideas about Mushroom Houses
Author: J.H.J. Herfkens


Mushroom growing demands beside the necessary professional knowledge a properly built mushroom house. In this it must not only be possible to work quite well, but at the same time it must be possible to create and to maintain the required temperature for this culture. The climate demands air temperatures which vary from 15 to 55°C with a relative humidity from 80 to 90%. As this culture is in many cases a continuous business, these climate demands have to be maintained during all seasons. To be able to meet these requirements good thermal insulation and a vapour barrier of walls and ceilings are necessary.

The thermal insulation prevents heat losses in and condensation on the walls and ceilings in winter and a too high inside temperature in summer.

The walls between the cells have to be insulated properly too, if these will be used independently of each other. This does not apply to series-culture and to culture in niche cabins. The vapour barrier has a double purpose, namely the protection of the construction against moisture and the prevention of a decrease in the humidity in the room.

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